Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Those tensed moments

The next morning, I was asked to practice for the next day’s event at school and at home by myself. The situation in my house is different, where I could only correct myself while practicing. As per the author’s view; the story had an interesting climax wherein the protagonist turns over the teacher to the authorities. It was moralistic but personally, I was not in line with the climax.

Friday night, after the practice I went to bed as usual dreaming about how I would perform the next day. It was a district level event in which every school in the district would participate. Our school A.V.Rm.V is a renowned school in the district. Now we had a chance of pulling off something.

Saturday morning was a special day for a few of us participating in the event. We gathered at school and got to know that Gomathy Vasagam, one of the participants was down with a high heavy and would not be joining us. Shocking news for us, indeed! He was a contestant who would win without much ado. Jenil, my best pal was the next option to replace Gomathy and he was taken along.

We reached the venue. It was an auditorium that was located in the basement of the hotel “Sagunthala International”. The place was milling with crowds and we were all fired up about our performance and eagerly waited for the turn. Just then, it was announced that the mono-skit competition would take place around 3.30 p.m. I recall that Jenil’s event would be held parallel to mine (Jenil can correct me if I’m wrong).

Ms. Fathima, Ms. Kamala and Mr. Kasimariyappan were all accompanying us.

Some of our seniors were there too - to compete in other events. Among the three of us, Shanmugapriya had her event first where she sang an English song and did it pretty well. Tension was mounting gradually with the passage of time. We were sitting in a corner of the balcony and biting our nails. I skipped my meal that day thinking we would have our dinner soon. When Shanmugapriya came back from the stage she was confident that she had done it. In fact I too agree that she did pulled off quite a sterling performance and the audience’s applause was a testimony to the same. But it seemed it wasn’t good enough for the prize evaded her. I remember Rosemary’s Matriculation School at Tirunelveli bagging most of the prizes. I’d say that it was the name of the school that brought more prizes for the contestants than their own performance did.

Now what happened next and what did I do...coming up soon…..


Thangavidhya said...

Simply superb narration Selva.. Eagerly waiting for the climax .. :)

selva ganapathy said...

thangavidhya what a surprise visit... thanks.. climax will come up soon