Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Climax

This is the continuation of
Why Can't I
Those tensed moments

So I request the readers to read the below mentioned articles before reading the current one. Else you'll not be able to understand and relate....

That night, when we were having dinner at Sakunthala International, I was feeling like somewhere in heaven seeing a scoop of vanilla ice-cream dressed with cherry on its head and with biscuit wings… [I couldn’t even realize that time that it’s happening to me, considering my family status]. I couldn’t feel like eating the chapattis too…. Just had lots of ice cream and we were traveling back to Ambasamudram. One of our seniors father had bought his car and we were traveling in it [Again traveling a car gives more pleasure, to be honest we called the car as PLEASURE CAR in our village].

It must be somewhere around 12.00 in the midnight when we landed and they dropped me in the bus stop from where I have to walk home alone and that night there was no power in the street. For a moment I thought should I ask them to drop me at my home but then I decided to take a walk. I had no fears but all I was worried about was the street dogs. I tried to divert my thinking and start to get thinking about the event…..

A few hours earlier, I could hear the claps in my ears…… the whole hall going on its hands…..

By the time I reached the stage the painting competition got over and everyone was eyeing on me. The performers who did the Monoact before me did a pathetic job by involving two or more characters in it and I was the only one who went on the stage alone to do mono act… There were two mikes available in a distance of three feet length and I decided to walk from one to another for two different characters….

I started of with a narration about my story and moved from one to another to portray the different roles….. It was flawless when I started and went on and I could even see the audience mesmerizing with my performance at the stage… [I always look into the eyes of the audience and have a good view of the entire auditorium whenever I perform. I believe that makes the people look at you other than paying attention somewhere else.].

Suddenly a dog barking and running towards me, gave a shock and in the darkness I couldn’t even see the dog but suddenly I bent down myself to pick up a stone and reacted quickly, pretending that I’m going to throw the stone on the dog. It ran away……..I was smart enough…. Again when I went back to the memories, I could hear the applauds of the audience.

That was the noise from the prize distribution ceremony for the monoact. The first prize goes to Rosemary Matriculation School and the second prize goes to “so and so school” and the third prize goes to “so and so school”……but what happened to my power packed performance?.. The mesmerizing act...

Yes it all happened because of the conflict I had in the climax…. I was so stupid to give a long pause before I deliver my dialogues in the last minutes because of the conflict I had in the climax and that long pause made me loose the event which was a two day preparation which could have ended with a great result.

While walking back to home I realized that, “I didn’t know that a dog will bark on me, but somehow I was smart enough to pick a stone and make it run, but I wasn’t smart enough at the climax to turn back the climax and deliver a dialogue what I wanted to”…. What would have happened if I didn’t take the stone?, the dog might have bitten? [Probably]… I realized its not only a hard work its also smart work some times work out…….

Everything happens for good and my loss in the event taught me this: D


Banvri said...

wah wah wat climax :P

before i say anything about this post one sugession for budding awesome writer that please try to write story in one go that mean in one post or else its kinda difficult to recollect wat happen in previous post :)

anyway coming back to your story
i have few things to say

1. narration was good as u incorporated local information which is + point
2. end wasn up to the mark cus i was expecting more description about how u felt after dog bark incidence

but over all a good performance :)

selva ganapathy said...

Thanks Deepti!,
your point well taken.. will take care from here that whatever I write ends up in a go....

and regarding the dog part... again I didn't want the story to be streched long.... thanks indeed.