Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram - A Visual Poem

If you want to watch a visual poetry then go for “Varanam Aayiram”…. I’m pretty much disappointed with the media’s review on movie. If they expect a treatment of the earlier Gautam Menon movies and enter the hall then its obviously a shock for them as Gautam’s protagonist is going to tell a different story. If one can’t relate to the scenes happening there to their day to day life then I feel pathetic for the people. It’s a well etched out portrait of the father and son relationship and obviously Surya excels in both the roles.

To show a man with six packs abs as a 17 year old kid needs something like an extraordinary effort and man! To all our surprise Surya brings that out. The film talks about the life between an urban father and son, so the dialogues in English makes sense, but our media is on the higher note saying “Naduvil varum tamil vasanagal idhu tamil padam enbadhay ninaivootugiradhu” [The tamil dialogues in between the movie reminds us that we are watching a tamil movies]. Come on guys just peep into any of the urban families these days. You hardly get them talking in tamil [please note that I have a very high regard for our language].

It has power packed performance, from every single cast and a poetic experience throughout. If you love to sit on alone on an edge of a rock and enjoy just starring the elegance of nature for hours in woods, then this movie is of your genre. People talk about logic; come on let me know one place where there is no logic in the movie. A single frame where they show father Surya working in Kerala has a “Mathrubhumi” calendar hung behind them.[I’ve only seen such perfection in Kamal’s Hey Ram! Earlier]. If you expect something more than this then “Sorry”.

I didn’t have a father like what the character had!, I wish I could have such a father in my next birth [If at all I have any], and I could see myself [what I thought I’ll be when I become a father], in Krishan’s character and probably others might not have seen that.

I recommend this movie for every movie lovers, if at all we stop welcoming such movies, we’ll be forced to watch the run of the mill genre of moives again and again.

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