Monday, December 29, 2008


Colors as we all know are of a wide range. Between what is color?, sorry there are a lot of people who give a lot of definition to it and I’m not interested in explaining / arguing which is the right one here as I’d like to take this article on a different note and this article doesn’t revolve around Chromatics. The one I liked as the definition of color is “Color is the visual perceptual property corresponding to human”. The interest of this article would revolve around the psychological perceptual stimulus of humans with their visual perceptual property…Oops I mean the color. This is purely from my personal perception and this interpretation doesn’t need to have any proof: P.

Major visual perception revolves around Red, Green and Yellow and the rest of the colors are a combination of these three including illusions. They way one sees them depends on the ratio of how these are blended with each other. Similarly the human psychological perception revolves around the good, bad and a makeshift balance which is the animal in everyone, it generally favors the good and also do the bad in certain circumstances which makes a person very similar to illusion. Different colors form with the different proportion of the three master colors and similarly different nature forms with the different proportion of these three psychological thoughts.

Generally everyone looks the color with the same visual perceptual property unless they are visually handicapped, but I always wondered why the one which looks pleasant to me looks very disturbing or unpleasant to others and vice versa. This is purely on the mindset or the way how we look at it and at the end all the colors are pleasant and colors add a lot of values in mind. This somehow conveys me that both these psychological and visual perception has a proportion in our brain.

Well we also have different kind of same colors, I mean by adjusting the brightness and contrast we get them and we name it differently and these brightness and contrast is added by the surroundings / the visibility and similarly in the psychological perception I would say the human tendency to justify himself / herself on good and bad is with their surroundings [I mean the people around them] and to a great extent I strongly argue this point. The brightness and contrast I discussed would relate to the ego and selflessness here. The ratio of this would be obviously in proportion with the way the fellow person’s perception if not initially, but with a certain amount of time.

If these brightness and contrast are set right on the node then all the colors are pleasant to everyone!

P.S : The views expressed in this article is purely of author's imagination and it might contradict with any of the theories and the author is not responsible for the same. :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dilli - meri jaan

Thought to pen down a long ago... "Dilli" - meri jaan

Its five plus years for me in Dilli now...... I remember the first day of me stepping in Nizamuddin Railway station at 22.30 hours on a Chilly November 17, 2003.... I was not exposed to such chillness before and the mercury must have read around 17 deg C. Just with a help of a sweater and a shawl I found a 6 feet place in the second class waiting room to rest myself. I knew no one in Delhi at that time and I got a contact of an IIT PhD student from someone and I didn't want to disturb him at that late night. The next morning I got an auto that negotiated with me for a couple of minutes and agreed to take me to IIT at Rs. 70/- with three more persons along with me who wanted to go to Malviya Nagar. I was not a south Indian who knew nothing in Hindi but I was smart enough to argue at that point of time as I knew Hindi and was able to pretend that I'm not going to be an "ullo". But finally my dear auto wala made me "ullo" by making me sit in the front seat along by his side and the rest of the three persons at the back side and started to ride. 35 minutes later when they got down they paid 40 bucks to that guy and sitting in the front seat and getting exposed to the chillness I was freeze and when I saw them paying 40 bucks I was shocked to believe that I'm being cheated here. He made me sit in the back seat now and started to smoke even after my request to drop the beedi. I joined my duty the very same day. Got introduced to a set of colleagues and was staying with the PhD student for a couple of days. I started to hunt a room for me the second day and was successful on the fifth day. I could manage to pull out a single room without a kitchen & shared bathroom for a rent of Rs. 1500/- at Katwaria Sarai, very adjacent to IIT. After a week of residence in that room and the interaction with my colleagues, and my environment and people at Katwaria Sarai and their behavior and to add up all the chillness!!!!..... The only thing I could wish for is to quit my job and run back south!!!!.......

December brought more chillness and literally I had nothing to do at my job as it was winter vacations and I was killing my time and seriously the most disgusting moments of my life. I can't sit idle in a place for a while, I need to do some damn thing!, else I'll go mad. Thankful the semester started and I had an opportunity to interact with my first set of students. That brought me some change in the world where I had nothing to do. Honestly speaking everyday I was expecting 13.00 hours so that the heat transfer lab would start and I'll have some opportunity to interact with my students...... life started to change. New friends, in the form of my students who literally were now getting me exposed to dilli. I started to explore new places and started to go out with them. Generally we get to see south Indian students going out with south Indian people / friends in IIT. I also used to do the same, but by doing so I got to understand that my views of seeing people around was with a mind set of a south Indian [no offense meant to anyone], which clearly is a negative way of living. Now I decided to do it with an open minded thinking. Suddenly winters seamed so pleasant [month of February], the roads were blossoming with colorful flowers on both the side. Dilli started to make me think that she has something more in her :).

The culture and the lifestyle of Delhi'ites are something which I started to admire for. I started to roam around Delhi alone. I've explored a lot of markets, roads, centers, exhibitions alone and sometimes just by walking. This was just to get used to the lifestyle of people and to understand the local people and I used to interact with them. I had all my weekends with me where I had nothing to do..... I was happy at the summers because we are used to it. I roamed a lot and got to see a lot of places and people. Suddenly I started to feel that this place has something in it which I could relate to but I couldn't get what was that. The end of the year made that happen. I went on a trip to Goa with my students, where I got to know about AID.. And probably that was my New Year gift to say [a separate blog would come up briefing it up how it happened]. From there on I got to see a different Delhi..... Non stop journey and five years over by now... WOW!!!!...

Some so special things I would like to point out about our Dilli are.... Chandni Chowk ki galiyan, nai sadak ke stationary shops, Darya Ganj book market, Paranthe wali gali, Gol Gappes, lassi, chilly winter mornings, hot hot summers, Radio Mirchi RJ's, blue line busses and its conductors, mixed culture, different accent Hindi language, art and craft bazaars, Dilli Haat Momo"S, dance, drama, cultural activities, India Habitat center, and not to forget Dilli de kudiyaan :P. .... Dilli simply rocks in every aspect and its one city which makes you to get obsessed with her once you start to spread across.....

In simple terms Dilli ne mera "dil li"