Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum

Many a times there has been many up’s and down’s in life and I know this doesn’t happen only with me but with everyone. Every time when someone is upset the entire scenario around them changes and similarly when they are happy the scene around is different. When compared happiness at it’s extreme is better than sadness at it’s extreme but both are dangerous in their own way [hope everyone agrees… if not take this as just an opinion of mine. Handling situations of such is extremely difficult for anyone. I’ve also seen a few exceptional friends of mine who handle these with ease but have observed most of others failed. Let me tell you I am one among them who fail though I used to pretend that I’m not one.
Some time back home when I was watching a television along with my mom I got to listen to a veteran actor who is now researching on literature and philosophy. He was talking to a set of collage students and was telling them a story. I was really really impressed with the narration and the story and would like to share that this story has seriously made an impact on my approach towards various things from then on. The story goes as follows.
Once up on a time there was a king who was so nice and made sure that his people were not left out with any dissatisfaction. However he one day heard a news of a suicide in his country and was deeply hurt because of the same. He called all his ministers and counselors to deeply think about it and consult philosophers and come up with possible solution so that these things can be further avoided in his country.
His ministers and counselors came up with the result that a person becomes uncontrollable or thinks out of mind either he is in extreme sorrowfulness or extreme happiness, hence we need to find a way to control their emotions during the same. King then announced the country that whoever brings a solution to this will be rewarded with gold and diamonds. There were lot of people who came up with possible solution and after a long round of short listing the king was castled by an old man who had two tied rolls in his hand claiming that he can solve the problem with just 3 words written in each of the roll [one for happiness and the other for sorrow]. The king was enthused and wanted to know about what it is and asked the old man to disclose it. The old man replied that this should be read by the person who is undergoing either of the emotions so that it could be related and also refused to take any reward for the same. The king took the rolls and thanked the old man and kept the two rolls with him.
A couple of years later the king went unwell and was counting his last couple of days. He called his two sons and gave them the rolls and said that please use them if needed when anyone is experiencing through such phase… a couple of months later both the sons got into quarrel on who will become the successor to rule the country and fought for it. The younger one defeated the elder and sent him out of the nation. While doing so he with due respect to his father knew that his brother will be in deep sorrow and handed over one of the roll to his brother and kept one for himself as he was in extreme happiness.Both the brothers stood in front of each other and opened the rolls to read the 3 word phrase before they take any further decision on their life… The 3 word phrase which was written in that was “Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum” [This too shall pass (in English it comes out to be a 4 word phrase :D] ]. It didn’t even take a minute for the brothers to come together and realize that whatever decision they would have taken before reading the same would be wrong…
This applies for every individual who goes through such a phase and remembering the phrase would help any one to overcome. I have personally experienced it a couple of times now and hope it would help in the future as well :)

Friday, December 11, 2009


This is a recent commercial from Vodafone!..
The expressions from the lady is so pleasing as I conclude to say "Maja aa gaya" after the ad completes :). With a whole lot of expectations she express herself while serving her partner and when it didn't reciprocate as the way she expected she stirs the coffee in the mug with irritation and goes for a sip with anguish in her eyes. The husband now finally says it all in one single word "Maja aa gaya" where she slightly shakes her head to acknowledge and siliently smiles to convey "beta ab aa gaya line pe"....... Awww!.. she is so sweet!

Expressions!.. its realy power to you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


One fine day I get to know that the GEAC have approved the commercial cultivation of Bt-Brinjal in India, by then thankfully I know what it was and I was worried about a millions of other Indians who didn’t know what exactly it is. With the GEAC approving it and scientists getting up to stand with them and celebrate the decision and newspaper editors talking about another Green Revolution and media praising the end of food crisis.. The forgotten part is the comman (Wo) man and his / her hungry stomach!.
There is a report which prepared by GEAC talks about the technicalities of the seed, the contents of the seed the nature of the protein and the amount of toxins in it, alpha, beta and gamma along with parts per million, gram per kilogram etc., etc.,. It doesn’t talk about any of the effects these alpa, beta and gamma would / might create. It’s disgusting that a regulatory body which should raise concerns keeping in mind the comman man have surrendered to corporate and raising concerns to save them. It’s a shame that the committee doesn’t get appropriate answers to the queries raised by eminent people like Pushpa Bhargava and other concerned NGO’s.
India a country known for its tradition, culture and more for its agriculture is now moving to modern western practice in all its initiatives. It’ll seriously reflect un-expected results if GM food is brought into cultivation without proper test, by then it will be too late to re-call. Let’s preserve it when available rather than crying after it gets destroyed.
There is a Rajasthani song which a friend sings which came into mind "Desh jaave bhaad mein tu mojh manataryo"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pesa Nalla Time :)

With a lot of Advertisements targeting children to sell their products, this one is refreshingly different with a pinch of romance added to it. For those who are not from the state of Tamil Nadu, it would be difficult to follow the content. It's a small conversation between a husband and wife, with husband requesting his wife to sit with him and he wants to share something with her. He keeps quite and with the cup of tea in the hand within 40 seconds the wife just gets tensed to know what he is going to say. Within moments she keeps on asking questions on one after the other while he keeps of dragging the time saying that I don't know how you will take this and finally she ends up at his earlier love affair and concluding that she knew that it would end up here. Sweet!.. still wanted to knowing it and clarify things she urges "Solli tholainga"..." [for the god's sake disclose it] and he reveals "I Love You".. Ah!!!... those tensed moments and kind of emotions spilled and exchanged.. It's invaluable and these two who acted in this advertisement has done full justice to it... 3 roses ending up with "perfect time to talk" has blended well with the emotion and the product which has a tag of "Niram, Suvai, Thidam" [Color, Taste and Strogness].... This one really stolen the heart

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Journey Unexpected!

It has been more than 4 years now since I got introduced to AID. It all began at a walk on the shore between Callengute to Baga beach at Goa. Can’t believe it! Now that the walk could be a life changing one. There’s where I got introduced to AID. I used to volunteer with an organization during my college days [don’t want to mention the name of the organization]. I had a pretty bad experience during those days and that’s where I decided that I’ll not get associated with any organization from there on. That was the reason where I decided to go for the Tsunami relief work on my own for 10 days. After knowing AID and listen to its stories I decided to just meet and interact with the people and know the organization. I attended a CSH at Meera aunty’s house at AIIMS and there’s where I got to know AID as an organization. In my very first meet I heard Mr. Srinivasan sharing his experience at the Tsunami relief work at Chennai. He was an AID US volunteer who was at Delhi. Parichay was my next destination. Thanks to Anirban and Somen who were with me answering all my queries and solving all my problems in understanding the organization. After 6 odd months I got to know AID completely as an organization and almost after a year I got a chance to attend the conference at Chennai where I got to meet a lot of people who are participating in struggles [Sangharsh] and understood that Sewa and Nirmaan would not be possible without Sangharsh.. Till then I seriously had a question on the same and always criticized on the sameJ.

Not only on the views, AID has also helped in taking critical decisions in my life as well. It actually thought me the process of an alternate way of living and seeing / solving problems with a different note. I would say that AID got a third eye / vision into my life. I also got a lot of friends at AID who’ve been very valuable and have played crucial part in my life. I slowly started to integrate my life into AID by understanding and experiencing its concept. It has been a pleasant journey from there on. Though there are lot of distractions for young people at the age between 16 & 30, place like AID provides an opportunity to keep one self not only as a normal human but also promotes thyself to a better position. One thing I understood even before starting to volunteer and also learnt from AID is that volunteer with a sense of responsibility and not as something you want to feel good by doing something good. If you have the later part majorly dominating your thought you’d not be able to think on a bigger picture of what change is. Change yourself from the later to the prior. Be the change yourself!.... you along with a lot many more others can make a better world to life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Emmossanal Atyachar!!!

Hmmm...... I've been searching for an appropriate title for the content and the context of this blog.. Thanks to Dev D....... got me an appropriate one!. I started to write this somewhere in Dec 08… took quite long to tune it :P.
Generally, most of the relationships evolve on need basis apart from the friendship one gets in school life / college life with their classmates. I would rather replace the term evolve with made and if the replacement is right then it could be rephrased as relationships are made willingly / unwillingly [whichever is applicable] to fulfill a need. In the process, only a very few relationships tend to proceed with mutual willingness. Many tend to proceed with a drive / objective behind it. One more reason for getting into a drive based / objective based relationship which I think is that in our country most of the things get done with the help of love / affection people have for each other. I have noticed this many a times, a work which is pending for a month long will be done if someone so close to the person who need to complete the work rings and request for the same. Love does conquer but the disgusting fact is that there is a blend of fake ness conspiring with purity.
I’m a person who likes to go well with anyone I come across; I used to care for people [most of the people] who were around me. I felt that fulfilling their small wishes as a surprise would cheer them up and will remain ever in their memory. It doesn’t matter to me if people didn’t reciprocate because I generally don’t get deeply involved with many people. I’m very choosy when it comes to opening up with people. I only open up with someone who I respect, admire and look up to. For me, people are more important than anything else. I would literally do anything for those few people in my life.
These were my opinions and I used to strongly follow it, till I realized that I am the stupidest to keep doing things to people without expecting anything back. I came across a few situations where I realized that the people for whom I’ve been doing things have started to take me for granted :P , though I never worried about it as I gave the benefit of doubt and blindly trust people[I don’t want to quote the live example of what happened :)]. I’ve always been used to get things done [I realized this only after a few persons quoted things to me and explained]. I was really taken aback and there are a few things which I can’t tolerate, betrayal is one of them. I also learned that if there is real love / affection between people [in any relationship] then it should reciprocate. People say that Love is giving unconditionally; I’d restate that it is giving / getting conditionally.
I tried to change myself and also discovered that I’m what I have been and can’t be someone else I want to be but I can try and help out myself in choosing out the right people .
Got to read this in a status of a friend “Love people and use things instead of using people and loving things”. Very true!!!!.... We should avoid using people’s emotions!.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


ஜில்லென்று வீசுகின்ற காற்றினிலே
மிதந்து வரும் மண்வாசனையில்
கண்கள் மூடி கனவில் சென்றேன்
கணங்களை மூடி கைகளை விரித்து
காற்றின் முன் கரைந்து நின்றேன்
இங்கும் அங்கும் விழுந்துளிகள்
புவியிலுள்ள இசயனைதும்
கலந்தெனது செவியில் சேர்க்க
ஓசையின்றி மெய்சிலிர்த்து
இதயத்துள் விழுங்குகின்றேன்

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hindu Mothers and Imaginary Friends.

I would like to invite you to take a poll on Hindu Mothers and Imaginary Friends.

This is an unscientific poll of people with Hindu mothers, to cross-check the "scientific conclusion" found in a 2009 publication concerning children and imaginary friends across cultures. The sentence in question: "Hindu mothers discourage them [imaginary friends] because they think the companions might be manifestations of past lives and that they may take over the life of the current soul."
You may take this poll if you have had or currently are a Hindu mother. Liberated fathers also welcome :-)

Source of quote to be disclosed along with poll results. Comments appreciated.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sandalwood Dreams!

The odor of the wind was never so pleasant!,
While I look on the creeping crescent!,
The mystical sounds that floats in the air!,
Jazzes the surrounding much more fair!.

The dusk in the hills piling on the thrills!,
The roads kept growing longer!,
The bonding flourish to be stronger!,
The shoulders brushing to the other!,
Brought the feel of dancing feather!,

The flips and flaps of her eye lid!,
Creating a violence in the silence!,
Nods replies to the unasked questions!,
The 3 mm smile adds a 3 million years life!,
I wish I have so you as my wife!.

When the breeze blowing mild!,
The thoughts going wild!,
While the hands held tight!,
The hearts go light!,
There came a gleam!,
Made me realize its a sandalwood dream!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Shiksha Adhoori IV [Education Incomplete IV]

I've been contemplating to write on this topic for quite a long time, some how couldn't put it on papers... this argues about the way caste system is integrated into everyone's life through education. I remember in my younger days of school education in every book on the front page there will be a printed message of "untouchability is a crime", "untouchability is a sin". We also used to recite a few poems which discusses about the same context and most of us would still / ever remember these lines by Bharati "Jadhigal illayadi papa, kul thazhchi uyarchi sollal paavam" [which translates to "My dear!, There are no such thing called caste, it’s a sin to talk about disparity"]. Wonderful!... The year ends in the class reciting the same poem!. By then I had to move out of the school due to some economic crisis at my home. Looked for a transfer certificate and got it and now I wanted to enroll in a government / aided school there. There was a few schools short listed and finally one of it was zeroed in. When I went for admission we got to know that I was not entitled to get admission because I didn't carry a caste certificate with me which will prove that I am from a Backward Caste. I was not that aware of all these stuff that time and somehow my parents were able to manage the certificate and enroll me in the school.

Some where I got a chance to interact with the head master of the school to discuss about the scholarship which the government provided for students. I initially thought it was on merit basis but the head master threw me a question "What is your caste?". Probably with my knowledge he was the first person in my life who has asked me this question. Having read and studied about the lines mentioned above by Bharati [most of Bharati's such lines are aggressive and we were thought to read those with that sense of aggression], with the same amount of aggression I replied him saying that, Sir I've been taught "My dear!, There are no such thing called caste, its a sin to talk about disparity". Oh!.. I still remember the kind of force with the cane which sensed in my hands. I didn't feel bad about what I did but I actually felt bad that being a head master he should have appreciated the fact rather punishing. He also shouted that I would not be getting the scholarship at all. Some how as one of my relative was a teacher in the same school and after his intervention, I could manage to get the money.

I some how could not relate to the education on caste provided by our schools. At one place you teach caste and creed should be eliminated and at the other place you put on caste as the third field to be filled in every application form you issue. As per my understanding the disparity of humans in the earlier era came in to picture based up on the kind of occupation they did. Some how there were different culture that existed at different parts of the world which lead to even wider difference in their approach towards a certain system which brought in community and within a certain community everyone didn't have all the expertise integrated into them and there came the difference in approach to a given problem [which can be termed as the kind of work they do]. Based upon the utilization of presence of mind, muscle power, thought process etc., further the community had a certain term for identifying like minded people in the name of caste [I'm not good at history and these are purely my interpretations].

Later in the stages based up on the kind of work they do people were termed as untouchables as well by a certain set of "so called" elites of those period [some how I still couldn't understand how all these came] and in the modern era we people after hearing so much of history as well as philosophy started to / starting to move towards a caste / creed free world, but the schools which has the responsibilities to provide /educate the knowledge about why caste and creed came and why it should be eliminated is somehow incorporating the need and necessity as a priority to people [knowingly / unknowingly is a question]... This is what the reason why a lot of younger generation people [inspite things are far far better these days], come up in asking / talking about caste etc., as a primary need for existence. [I have no arguments here about the reservation system which the government has brought in.. will talk about that in a separate article]. For the above said I find the primary fault lies in the education system and the way it handles caste. Until we (try to) change that the education on caste will be always adhoora!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Brinjal Festival!!!

Some day on the month of June, when I was shopping at Chennai with my mom, I received a call from one of my friend / volunteer from Delhi and I was discussing about the POA of the Brinjal Festival proposed on July. After the conversation my Mom intervened to know what the conversation was about and I told her that we are planning to organize a "Brinjal Festival"... A wired look and with a strange voice she asked "Brinjal?"... didn't you get any other vegetable to celebrate?...

18th July @ 1.00 hours the car which we were traveling stopped before the flyover in front of Bikini Comma Place... Thanks to the service engineer who failed to put water and coolant in the radiator. After a brief stop we re-start and went for a while before it went off.... A couple of more stoppage took us to the Domestic Airport where I got down to locate a leading domestic air carriers cargo service to pick up a parcel which came from Bhubaneshwar and Rajiv and Sugandha went looking for a petrol pump where we thought we would get some solution... btw we went there to collect a cargo packet and unfortunately the packet which I wanted to collect did not have my name on it.... I got to know that these guys follow a whole lot of procedure and strictly stick to that before disbursing these packets.... after a fight for an hour I could some how prove that I'm the right person to collect the packet. When signing the documents, just for the security reasons that guy asked that what's there inside the packet and I replied... its Brinjal.... with the same wired look and a strange voice he responded "Brinjal?"...

I just thought myself, will this be the response with the people who would come to the Brinjal festival day?..... By the time thankfully with the help of a few people around the airport, these guys managed to cool down the radiator and we came back home around 3.30 in the morning.

Brinjal was never my favorite food but the opportunity to organize this festival as a part of Coalition for GM free India's run "I am No Lab Rat" campaign, built in the bridge between me and brinjal, by the time the event was supposed to start I had almost known a adequate part of brinjal and its history which helped me to respond to the media people who were there to cover the event. The interesting part of the entire festival was the way it could connect a common man to the diversities of brinjal and its tradition and also about the yet to be approved Genetically Modified brinjals, by this time most of the public have heard the name GM food and thanks to the response of Agriculture Ministry a couple of days before at the parliament session which made news just a couple of days before the festival.... but they didn't know by then that GM food is going to create so much of adverse health effects to them as well as there are alternate viable option of having food cultivation without switching to GM food.

Thanks to the volunteers who were able to run around and pull in more and more people and eventually when the day progressed there was always a buzz in the stall. We were able to display around 35 different diversities of Brinjal but to say in India there are more than 2000 varieties available..... When the day was over with our objective of generating mass awareness to the public some how got fulfilled. We pulled out a decent and nice event. I was winding up a poster which stated "Brinjal Dreams"... I don't know what brinjal dreams but I was dreaming brinjal for a weak long and I thought that at least today I won't have it :).

The response from the media to the event was quite decent and we had good coverage’s through wire service and also in some daily media. Look in the comment section for the links to the media coverage on the festival :).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Expressions Unlimitted II - A Relishing Journey!!!!

I'm writing a long post indeed.... I seriously took a long time to write this and even longer time to chose a title. This is about the experience I had on our recent trip to Rishikesh on 11th and 12th April 2009.

I bet it can't get something better!, Yes to have 18 beautiful minds together on a relishing journey is something which doesn't happen all the time. I don't know about others but the entire trip for me began some 30 days before the original departure. I've been planning it and talking to various people in getting us a best deal and finalizing the head count of the gang. I seriously never thought about 18 numbers and I felt hardly our best shot would be with a max of 10 odd people. Thanks to the enthu shown by everyone around with the excitement building up though our mailing thread. Thanks to gmail :).

We started around 00:00 hours on 11th April on a tempo traveller with 15 people in it. As expected the air was filled with lyrics coming from different vocals and to precision on different languages as well. The Rishikesh highway is well known for its traffic and that night was no exception with an extended weekend ahead, the rush was there and the enthu kept on raising during drive with people opening up and starting to cut loose [generally settled batsmen / batswomen do it at crease]. To cut it in short every one was in their full form apart from a very few who had a very very hectic friday but Thanks to Aakanksha who kept a check of everyone's eyelid and never allowed anyone's to take a deep dip!. Chirag still kept on escaping her. It was amazing to see everyone getting better and better with every passing kilometre :). We stopped to fuel the vehicle after an hour drive and again stopped to fuel ourselves almost two hours later. The pakora's and chai were not at their best but it didn't seem like that though. After a small photo shoot session it was my advice to all to take a small nap as I felt the next day for us would be tiring and we need to save our energy for the same. Thankfully most of them agreed and left me with diver to keep the check of the drive. Thanks to the couple of selected songs in my mobile which kept me awake. I must admit that I kept admiring the moon [just the night before the full moon night] through out the way which was travelling with us on my window side to the left. I could manage till 6.00 in the morning and then requested to Rachit to take over from me and I took a back seat and went on to my dreams but very quickly Darshan disturbed my sleep with a Good Morning and that’s where I decided to wake everyone up with the silly Good Morning's.

Lots of plans were discussed and finally it was decided that we'll stop at Haridwar to have a holy dip in the river Ganges and then move on to Rishikesh. It was a very short stay at Haridwar but was with lot of happenings.. right from people standing in front of the public toilet which had a hell long queue, to full fill the morning duties.. to people rushing to looking for room on hourly basis.. it was all happening. Rajiv somehow managed to get a "dharamshala" which provided us accommodation on hourly basis which was a pretty decent one. We just refreshed ourselves and moved to take a dip in Ganges....

Everyone were with full of excitement as the warmness in the air kept increasing which added the desire to get into the water soon. With Rachit manning the camera to freeze a few moments almost most of us got into the Ganges.... There were a few attempts to cross the flowing river from one end of the ghat to the other with holding hands and in those a couple of attempts ended quite adventurous, but it was so funny as well!... A couple of minutes of masti inside the water and then we all moved on to change..... It was almost 09.00 hours in the morning and everyone was feeling hunger. Darshan guided us to "Mohan ji's" bhandar which is a famous one in the town... After seeing the crowd I thought it would be a better option if we stop by on a road side restro on our way to Rishikesh but then we decided to pack the food and carry away as we don't want to miss the flavour. A few of us quickly grabbed some Lassi with Jelabi and we moved on.

Thanks to the traffic and the crowd in that extended weekend our entire journey to Shivpuri took around two hours. We didn't get booking in the camp but we had booked a resort... All my worries on the way were that the resort should be worth the penny.... As soon as we reached the place and looked around the room, I got relaxed and felt that I could not have asked for a better place than this.... It was quite a location with small hills around with a small but cute lawn in front of it. Somehow we managed to arrange an old ball and a few of us started to play some cricket. Lots of plans again around the corner but we all decided to move out and trek.... We got to know that the riverside was 500 meters away from the resort and we need to walk downhill to reach the riverside..... A few of us were planning to leave there and comeback to see Ganga Aarti at Rishikesh... a few had some other plans.... Meanwhile Arun started his pagalpandi with spraying water on people and then Raj, Rachit, Darshan, Anant and others joined the fun. Anirban and Swati were sitting from the balcony and enjoying the entire show as if we all were entertaining them.

We all left the resort and started to walk toward the riverside.. Swati was the slowest among everyone with her sandal helping her to walk at a poor speed. We reached a bridge built across a small stream flowing towards its destiny "The Ganges". From there a few of us decided to climb up a small hill which was in front of us. A few decided to move down..... Finally me, Anant, Darshan, Rajat, Rajiv, Sugandha, Sunanda and Swati were in the troop who decided to climb up the hill. It was a very steep one with no path to climb but Rajiv was so enthused to climb it up.... After a few hesitations we all made our mind to climb. Anant and Rajat helped Swati who was not even ready to put her feet up and was happy with the book shelve bought along with her... After so much of compulsion and motivation from Rajiv she started to climb up. We didn't know where we were going to reach but all we knew is just to climb up the hill.. It looked as if it was simple one when we stood at the bottom... Our initial efforts were not painful and we were able to move up pretty comfortably. After a few meters Swati stopped and Anant and Rajat too stopped with her to make her comfortable. The rest 5 of us kept on climbing. Initially we were walking with 2 feet but a few meters above we started to crawl with 4 feet... There were lot of small broken stones which were rolling down. We had to take extreme care that one doesn't walk behind the other.... Darshan was very comfortable with the wooden stick he found and he climbed pretty fast as compared to others. I just took some suggestions from Darshan on how to climb and followed to his advice..... I climbed a few distance and waited for a while and then continued.. the same was with others... One thing which was so much admirable was the effort by the sisters Sugandha and Sunanda... they were not worried about anything and kept climbing with full of energy till the maximum possible distance. We might have reached around 3/4th of the distance and I felt that we should need to get back now. Darshan was fully enthused to climb up till the peek where he thought we might get some road..... I did not want to experiment as we were already at 16.00 hours and to reach back we need to find a new way for us. Darshan moved on to the side into the woods and helped me and Sunanda reach there from where we were planning to get down. Meanwhile Rajiv and Sugandha climbed a few more meters to get into the woods where they got stuck. I advised Darshan to just go there and help them out to reach us and I stopped at a place with Sunanda. It took almost more than 25 mins for them to reach us.. Meanwhile it was a pleasant stay at the top and has an aerial view of the River Ganges flowing in the curves of the foot hill...... For a moment I felt like will we ever get something like this to watch... As the sun got going down and the shadow got growing up, it was such a nice place to lie down and forgot your entire worries..... Once these people joined us we started to trek down back... Darshan was leading us and trying to find a way.... We were doing skiing on the broken stones to reach from one place to the other and we stopped with the help of the trees and plants... A couple of plants had thorns in it.... It took almost another hour for us to reach down. Sunanda was the first one along with Darshan to get down but unfortunately to our luck it was an Army camp where they were shouting at us to get back from where we came... We didn't bother to listen to them and kept on going down and finally they didn't have any other option other than let us get down....

A couple of more mins we were on the ground with smiling faces. It was really an adventurous task which would be remembered for the lifetime...... The sun by then had disappeared but still there was plenty of light. We just walked down on to the small stream which was flowing and took a small bath just to refresh ourselves from the tiredness we had...... one thing that came to mind by then is we've missed the Ganga Aarti.... We headed back to the resort and when we just were about to reach we observed a few of our mates playing cricket.... Sunanda suddenly commented on Rajiv "aapki tho sacchi mein fat gayi".......on seeing his half pants got torn by the stones........ par literally for a very few moments on the top "kisi ko bhi fat sakti thi"..... People started to scream about the evening tea and after half an hour of our request we got our Chai...... A few ordered maggi for themselves and ended up in tasting the worst ever maggi on the earth. A few had made some arrangement for Rum for themselves. There were two parallel sessions which was going on at the two sides of the lawn. One was more on intellectual topic and the other one was random bakwaas.. I choose bakwaas one... where people were discussing about Ghosts and their experience with them. It was good to have Vikas and Rakhee with us there and Sonia Singh also had joined by then. The best part of the entire bakwaas discussion was Anant's build up to threaten Sonia Surana at the end of a story..... the loo drama was awesome.. he deserve a special kudos...

By the time we were tired of the ghost stories our dinner was ready and it was really a very pleasing moment to have dinner with all... though we didn't have delicious food to add spice to the entire occasion but the presence of everyone made us forgot about the taste.... I was so tired and thought of skipping the bonfire session after the dinner but made my mind that we should not miss as these things happen once in lifetime. One could not imagine such an occasion where we have 18 beautiful people, who are not class mates, who are not college mates and who are not colleagues from an office... coming together in a middle of a jungle behind the resort surrounded by hills with full moon splashing its silver light on us. As soon as the temperature of the wood at the centre kept rising the golden flame added more scenic beauty to the silver light of the moon. Those were un-expressible moments....... Darshan coordinated the entire session with Vikas and Rakhee inaugurating with solo performance with vocal..... everyone were supposed to perform something or the other.... To everyone’s surprise most of us have got such a beautiful and the pick of the song was "Chudi Chamke" by Sonia Singh and the man of the match was Rajiv with his "Yeh Dil Deewana" song.... We had a session for about an hour long and thought of winding up as a few of us didn't sleep the previous night as well. We were also supposed to raft the next day. I thought I'll sleep to save my energy and a few more thought the same. A couple of people sat for a round of cards session at the balcony. I don't know what happened there.. I missed it :(.

The next morning thankfully I could get the Chai before everyone woke up and I started to knock at doors with the chai. Raj started his day with his Yoga....We all got ready to move on to the rafting session which everyone of us were looking forward to. After a few formalities we were taken to the Riverside where our instructors took a short lecture about what to do and what not to. As usual most of us didn't listen to him [that’s a habit in us which was developed right from our school days you know :P]. After a couple of minute long photo session we were divided into two teams of 9 each and sat on our boat and the journey began. We were introduced to the first rapid very soon at the start which was quite silent and we didn't have much to do but whatever little thing we did was not appreciated by our instructor and he was shouting on us to obey his commands..... After a few more distance we got one more rapid which was a bit violent than the previous in which we passed quite easily with all our rowers displaying their skills and talent. Our instructor gave a green to us to jump into the water and without delay most of us went in and Mann it was freezing cold inside. I got up to the raft in a while and tried to pull a few more but failed. Our instructor did the job. We then came across the Golf Course which was the wildest of all..... It was quite an experience there with me sitting at the centre without a pedal in hand along with the front rowers and suddenly to my right I observed Anant stopped pedalling as he was stuck with an injury in his finger. All I could do is just shout at him to row and suddenly he responded but by the time our raft got sidelined on the rock and it was not moving..... With so much of backward and forward pedalling and pushing the rock for a couple of minutes we were able to pull back ourselves into the mainstream and move forward. Again every one of us got into the water expect me.. This time I’ve learned the art of pulling up people on to the raft and I pulled up everyone on to the boat. We then headed toward the cliff jumping point.

I choose to sit on a rock from where I took snap of everyone in our troop who jumped the cliff which was just 25 ft height. When I jumped there was no one to click me :(. I had no fear while jumping as I've done it earlier as well... but to jump into Ganga and feel the sudden change in the temperature around your body is quite an experience.... A few of our group members tried it more than once. We then started to move towards the end point. After a couple of minutes of photography session and change we moved to Chottiwala at Rishikesh to have our lunch.

It was a crowded place which is so famous for its food and the food they served us stated the why people talk so much about Chottiwala. After our lunch we started back our journey to Delhi.......

P.S : I've missed many moments which are there.... but just to keep the article short [:P], I've skipped a lot... I didn't get much time at the trip to interact with a few.... but to all those wonderful people who made the entire trip so sweet and memorable.... I'm obliged!!!!!....... These are memories which will be releashed for ever and ever....... These are expressions which are unlimited!!!!!........

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Creeping Mind!

It was 6AM and yet another morning began. But somehow did not have the usual feel about it. I couldn't relate with the disturbed state of my mind [And please, I’d prefer not relate ‘heart’ to this :)]. I generally have a feel every morning that brings a fresh feel and but somehow though this morning was not that pleasant and deceived me of that feel. The first thing that came to mind was to make a tea, but then in the spark of the moment my mind counters, ’Why should I take tea now?....’ 

I picked up my mobile to SMS ‘Good Morning!’ to friends as usual but again stopped texting and thought "Chodo yaar!... ek din mera message nahi mila tho kya farak padnewala hai"; and I dropped the mobile and got up looking for the newspaper but couldn't locate it. Oh yes that was my mistake to look for it at the time I woke up. But the paper arrives on time.  

Some random things bounced around in my mind with a philosophical bend of thought of ‘What is world?’, ‘what is life?’, ‘why are we living?’, ‘what will happen to the world [I mean the people surrounding me] without me?’. I walked towards the fridge. I like to have something sweet as soon as I wake up [sometimes even without brushing.. ‘theek hai yaar.. chalta hai!’ ] But weirdly though, I saw the sweet box and felt, ‘No I don't want to eat sweet now! How am I going to come over the contradiction which I have with the mindset? Will this solve the problem?’ 

The milk packet caught my eye; and I pulled it out and went to the kitchen. Sometimes I feel like the kitchen is one place where I feel relaxed during most of my tensed moments. The milk was boiling at a low flame but I was feeling much more heat, I could not understand why. And then, more contradictory thoughts flow through me - history, revolutions, and family. 

Thanks to the message tone from my mobile which startled me out of my stray mind; I was back. It was a ‘Good Morning’ message! And unlike usual I couldn't really appreciate it. Probably, because I get it everyday! But then, I was able to appreciate it till the day before. ‘Should I immediately reply to it..... No, I'll not.. Does it really matter?’ I thought to myself. But then couldn't resist replying and succumbing to habit. I had to book a train ticket at 8.00 hours for someone. ‘Why should ‘I’ do it?....don't I have any other work in the world?’ was the thought that I then felt, but then again by force of habit I managed to login online and do it. 

A quick shower and then the tea had taken of some space in mind and helped bring me out of the disarray which I was in. I got ready for office and I started the bike and was driving, but the disarray of thoughts and contradictions did not leave me. ‘Why am I cribbing so much today?’  I stopped the bike for a while at DND and then started again but still I couldn't over come the state. I know that I'm driving without holding my sense but had no option and finally, I reached IIT safely. 

I felt bad today as I had not even returned a Good Morning to the coffee shop guy! I just gave 5 bucks for the coffee without even a smile on the face with some random things on my mind. Then, he replied, "Your balance Rs.5/- yesterday is with me!” and yes his smiling face just reminded me that I have to wish him... Good Morning! I responded and walked back to the department. While walking back to the department I stopped by the wind tunnel for a couple of minutes and finished off my coffee and went to lab. I don't know I just started to feel better! 

Made a couple of calls to start the day's work and started a few experiments and my regular email stuffs! Pandey ji's ‘Good Morning!’ was louder today as he entered the lab from the other door. ‘Good Morning Pandey ji!’ was what came out within a microsecond with a smiling face towards him. "Chai Pilaoo.. bhookh lag rahi hai".... immediately I started to feel al my mastiness and my purana charecteristics back!!!!.. Yes I'm back........ 

Thought of articulating it immediately as I really enjoyed that 4 hours of disturbed phase!!!!!.......... 


P.S : There might be a few negative thoughts in the article but those were not intentional :).....

Thursday, April 16, 2009


23rd April, 2009
I could not have asked for a better day to post this blog :). This is completely a devotion to a divine relationship with my sister.. Before getting into the story.. A Very Happy Birthday Dearest Divya!!!!.....    

It has been 25 years now.....believe me I could not have asked for a better sister :). I still remember the kinder garden days of ours... It was always a cat - mouse game at the house everyday for some or the other thing and eventually we end up in beating each other! [There was no TV at home and we didn't know about Tom and Jerry by then]. I would mostly end up losing the competition. I admire her tough fight towards anything. Unfortunately we were not in the same school when we were doing our elementary and she've always pointed that as the reason why she scores a bit lesser mark than me, but believe me the amount of time and efforts she puts into study is mind blowing. I was forced to sit with a book in my hand many a times because of this girl [though I never liked to sit and study and even when I sat I just simply keep imagining and day dreaming :)].  

We got a chance to go together to school after we entered our secondary education.... Those must be some of the very beautiful days in our life... In fact that was the time when we got to know each other better and the most admirable part in this is we spoke [and still speak] a very little between us. I've always believed that if you love a person to such an extent, you'll automatically sense their mind and understand them even with out a word being exchanged.... that is why I always say silence is the best language to express love. With all these things we used to fight in the home and at the end of the day that was the only entertainment we had :). She've saved many a times from getting caught at home... at least she got a chance to express her love towards me but I never reflected anything for her those days....  

It was the day when I left home to my diploma; I realized how much I miss her. I don't know how it all happened but the mutual respect / admiration / complementation for each other had almost "n" powered from there.  The best of the emotions in every relationship remains still unexpressed and it always comes out when we are away / separated / miss the person.  This is what I would quote after realizing it. I would also say that the relationship between the brother and sister is the best possible relationship in the world.    

I always wanted her to do her higher studies and I used to suggest her to do her higher studies. I never forced her because I never want to take a decision about her life on my own as it completely belongs to her. I always have trusted her that whatever she chooses for her would be right and the best possible one [though my mother would disagree on this]. Finally due to some circumstances she chooses to do her higher studies [Engineering], though she never liked to study and is topping her college. I bet no one will have such an attitude and one would never feel that this girl could do such things [You've to see her and interact to believe]. It is all because of the love she has got for me and my mom. If I have something in my life which I can be proud of then it’s my sister :). I've so far never said a NO and would never say a NO for her [may it be whatever it is]. I think she knows this better than me :).   

I seriously thought of drafting out a long [in fact thought of writing my longest] post for her but I'm running out of words and I'm already drenched with some layer of fluid over my retina.... Oh don't worry!.. This tastes "So Sweet"......   

A Very Happy Birthday Sweetest Sister!,
With love, 

Shiksha Adhoori III [Education Incomplete III)

Thought of rejuvenating the Shiksha Adhoori series... For people who have not read the earlier posts on the same, please follow the link Shiksha Adhoori I , Shiksha Adhoori II . Though this post is no way related as a follow up of my earlier posts but some thoughts which reflects on the way how education is incomplete might be analogous and interesting to a few. When I was preparing to write this entry, interestingly I got to come across a random blog by a friend who've written about MORALITY, TRADITION AND SEXUALITY OF WOMEN in Indian community [I hope she wrote with Indian community as context] and after reading that all I could see was the fault in our education system which failed to incorporate the values of feminism.

We at today's world talk about women empowerment / equality in rights to the counter sex of ours, but have we seriously thought about where the biasing began from. I'm not a history student or follower of history but as far what I've read / understood is women held an equal importance of what men did in Vedic era [I might be wrong], but this changed with time... not going detailed into history, the system [as of I know] was functioning on the following basis in which men and women shared equal responsibilities out of which men took the responsibilities of earning food and shelter for a family and women took the equal responsibilities of managing the food and shelter earned by men, thus stuck at home. I don't find anything wrong in this system as both share their responsibilities mutually by doing all the necessary things for the household and running a family unless the decision made / taken has equal say from both, but eventually this concept has been misinterpreted as the men started to socially move out of home and explore more of the world than a women who was restricted by the responsibilities of her. [O.k... no more history.. coming to the topic].

Now.... after a few more generations we are here in this world to discuss about gender biasing etc., I never knew history or geography till I opened my book.... At home I knew that my mom cooks but I also knew that my mom went to job. Luckily my father was working as a cook in a hotel and I knew that father can also cook and wash vessels. I'm not sure if that was the status of every house. I didn't get to see a gender biasing at my home but always have felt that my father had the final say even though my mom equally argued and made a point all the time that her opinion does counts and sometimes win the argument as well. I never knew that the financial strength made her talk :).

But as far as I remember, my books have always reflected that mom does household work only but father does the rest... a few examples could be "Mom cooks food" and "Father reads news paper"..."Mom buys Vegetables" and "Father buys a car / TV”. Whatever. I always wonder will the vegetable seller refuse to sell vegetables if father goes to buy that. I also remember a few history lessons [though I used to hate history] discussing about the emperors and their queens, it always [at least 97 % of the time] reflects women as entertainment material to the men.

The friend in her blog mentions "Fidelity and purity of women is so associated with her sexuality and more over ‘virginity’. A girl is termed as the izzat, laaj (honour) of the family, as if fathers and brothers of the family are shame to the family".... very true.. This is what was taught as moral education in schools. Another simple examples would be in the sports ground... boys and girls have a physical education period where boys were allowed to play outdoor sports but girls weren't., even if they get a chance to play outdoor games they were supposed to play tennikoit and ball badminton as if they'll not be able to play hockey [The boys team was continuously champion for around 21 years in our district], who knows the girls might have excelled.

I don't see the system of education provides some solution / tend to eradicate the problem of gender biasing rather it is the base where the whole thing is brought up on a child's mind.... The system is sowing weeds on the minds rather than sowing seeds and trying to cut down after it gets grown up.

Shiksha Adhoori would continue.... share your experiences and views.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This post is just a hypothetical thought of mine which has been running through for a few days!. It tries to associate an individual’s life [rather my life] with the way nature exists. We all know about the nature and its evolution and how it persists. The nature moves on with seasons!.... Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Not everyone enjoys all the season.
Out of all the most pleasing is Spring and Autumn. Like the nature, life has its own kind of seasons….. and a few of them are blissful, calamitous, depressed, frolicsome, vexation…etc., etc., The difference between the seasons of nature and life is, nature follows an invariable order of the changes in season but human’s doesn’t, nevertheless ours is a mixture of all. What I understand is anything in life exists for a certain period of time and eventually changes… it’s a kind of similarity between nature….
The period of blissfulness, frolicsome or merrier moments are something like the spring and autumn where we see everything around us beautiful, pleasant and appealing, rather the same thing given a depressed state would get related to a hot summer evening when person piles up all his frustration. There is epoch to every season may it be in nature or it is in life…. I’ve also observed mostly the transition phase is so dainty in both the cases if you are person who eulogize every moment may it be bliss or calamityJ. On an over enthusiastic note, I’d also quote out a few of the drizzling evenings that occurs suddenly on a hot summer day which is equivalent to a cherishing moment on the depressed phase. It has got its own aesthetics.
Sometimes I’ve also felt summers as an enjoyable season, I assume more people would agree with me [as I’m not quoting and example].. that is the phase when it’s tough and if one can establish himself / herself by tackling it ripens your thought and make more mature. [I compare the state of depression, vexation with summer]. As we always know that there would definitely be a change in season!, If there is a summer which goes on an autumn would follow on. Let’s enjoy all the seasons! J.
There is a movie in Tamil in which a father character advises his son, “Whatever happens life should move on!” I’d rephrase it “Whatever happens life should move on Happily!”….

P.S : Please feel free to criticize / appreciate the views expressed :).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Exuberant friends!,
Exquisite evenings,
Ambrosial tea!,
Melancholy minds,
Juvenile characters,
Facetious talks,
Feckless imaginations,
Gone are the days!

Heritage smiles seen on Vintage photos,

Probably this is what I'll be exclaiming when I turn 60! :D,

Monday, March 16, 2009

A dream come ture

AID Delhi has been a part of my life for the last 4 odd years.... Through AID we've been able to imapct a huge change in many children's life, though we've been doing it quite effectively, I always thought that the children from different projects at different places of Delhi should come together sometime and have interaction / fun / learning / compete with each other..... though this idea was in mind from many months ago, but it came to execution only this January 25th, 2009. To add up the joy it was AID Delhi's 5th Birthday on 26th January. The day was with full of bliss with smiles every where.... rather than me speaking the video would tell you the entire story of what happend that day. Only special thing I would like to mention is we had lunch prepared from "Parichay Kitchen" which is livelihood generation program of one of our projects. It was an awesome lunch for 300 people.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Siksha Adhoori II [Education Incomplete II]

I don't know how many of you read my with the same topic earlier ,If not read please do read it here at http://selvasword.blogspot.com/2008/09/siksha-adhoori-education-incomplete.html . These are just some more random thoughts on the way education is visioned among us. I'm not a John Holt to discuss practical proofs of alternate educational system or I'm not a educational activist who've worked a lot in developing alternate education, but as a victim of the current one or the conventional one which is believed to be the best, I have all rights to put my views / voice together. I was pretty disappointed to receive opinion from only one of my friend in my earlier writings which was on Education. Given the fact that quite a few friend of mine are into education, teaching et al., I expected more. Comments apart, lets get into the argument of the issue.....
I remember a conversation which I had with my mom when I was in my class 3rd or 4th [don't remember precisely]. I would briefly elaborate the crux of it. I used to sing [rather remember] most of the tamil movie songs and used to keep singing at home. On that day when I was studying a tamil poem from my book and was reciting the poem to mom. I made several mistakes and she stopped me to point out that I remember movie songs but not this tamil poem which only had 5 lines in it. Without much of a delay I said her that probably I'll remember these lines too if it was presented like a song with some music in it. All I could earn for the comment was an angry look and a few scoldings. Later I also got to hear a few of the songs from my books were composed in some movies / music album [thiruvasagam for eg] is recited by children without any flaws. I hope most of us agree to this fact, but still when we teach [at least I can comment this keeping in mind my fellow volunteers who teach], we still follow the old conventional methodology of black board teaching.
I might not be the right person to write the way of black board teaching is wrong as I don't do teaching myself. I have my reasons for not doing so, but when we are together working for a betterment [I particularly write these lines for my fellow volunteers at AID who are into teaching], what difference are we making in the system by ourselves which we [at least a few I have interacted with have felt] feel not worth it. At the end of the day we still are following the same black board teaching in which we tend to make the children sit in a line, listen to us, copy down what we write on the board, give them home work, shout at them if they talk to thier mates while we teach and also tend to ask them to leave the class or stand up in front of others. The only difference we make is to give some extra love and affection which we didn't get in our classrooms. Beleive me given a class of 80 odd children any teacher would not be able to provide that love and attention to every child. I again stress this that there may be questions araised on me saying that why don't you do it rather than writing?, but friends I have my own reasons for not doing it and to put it clear I don't want to teach seeing the conventional way followed.
I would definitely appreciate if the people who are teaching starts the experiment themself and observe the changes around. At the end of the day why is education?. To make a doctor? to make an engineer?, come on I believe 80 % of the engineers who are coming out with a degree don't know why they are engineers rather the insitution which produces the engineers doesn't know why they produce them. Rather I also get a question in my mind is Education a solution or a problem altogether?
All I could see is Education as a problem rather than a solution, I might not be albe to put this in words at this time as I'm not able to frame up my thoughts rightly with valid justifications but my post on Education would keep continuing and I'll discuss more. For the time being I request my fellow volunteers who teach to think and argue of why they should come off from conventional way of teaching. Meanwhile I'd also recommend people to have a watch at Sikshaantar's Schooling the World movie. My next visit is scheduled to Sikshaantar soon and I'll share my views after my trip there :).

P.S : All the views expressed are purely the authors thoughts and it has nothing offensive with anyothers. People who still appreciate conventional way of teaching is the best are surely welcome to put their arguments..... :). Lets debate!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My date this Valentine's Day!!!!

February 14, 2009
This was the first Valentine's day which I admit that I was in a complete bliss. It had a reason behind as my lifetime dream was almost getting fullfilled. That dawn was so early as I woke up at 04.00 hours. It was so exciting as I was looking forward to the date that day and to all the excitement the date was planned just 8 hours prior (speeddate :)). To add up the date was on AIR.... (Thanks to GO Air).... It was amazing sunny, clear morning and it was so pleasing to see her dressed in green and white...(these two colors go well with each other). At around 11.15 hours I landed at Srinagar, the paradise on earth (I would say a heaven on earth).... can someone ask for a better place to date???
Once I landed I could feel her deep in the breath, to say all my melancholy got perished in a moment after I started to feel her..... I really don't know if I'm right, but out of the languages I know (I at least know around 5 languages), the best language to express love is Silence. I was with full of expressions unlimited with a fresh lymph of blood starting to flow around we both were walking together to find a mode of transportation for ourselves with plenty of admiration for each other and somehow managed to get a local transport and moved to Gulmarg!.....
Hardly I might have got a chance to speak to her back at home though I meet her daily, see her and even admire, adore and draw inspiration, but never get time to talk to her and share the admiration... thanks to the hardcore workaholic me, who could realize how much I've missed her these days when she is there right next to me and though I have all these unlimited expressions for her but never expressed!..... probably people start to think everyday as valentine's day and once you start to float yourself with the feel that you are in love and obviously everything turns up side down..... You get to see smiling faces around you every time.... I remember some Tamil movie showing a few angels always comes around you and start to play violin if you are with her. Ah!... a classic hindi example would be Mein Hoon Na and to the heaven's sake I too had the same feeling there.
Gulmarg! and there she turned into her white dress!!!..... the purest white to say matching to her heart and to the core a devine beauty and was standing there with her arms wide spread with an unending smile. It was so pretty moment to cherish with her the whole day, laughing, walking, playing, skiing (in fact), running and falling and especially without speaking........

I again stress Silence is the best language I ever know to express love and in fact there was Expressions Unlimited the whole day...

Oh yeah I didn't mention the name with whom I dated with.... Her name is "Nature".... In face we all love her but we hardly might have dated with her or spoken with her... spend a day with her some time.. she is Awesome to talk with!!!.....

Friday, January 30, 2009


I’m not a father but still I have many children!... sounds crazy. I mean, I play a mentoring role of a father to some children whom I interact with. Lot of us do it and everyone loves to do it. I don’t know if I’m right, but the word Child has more energy than what e = mc2 has, probably Einstein failed to observe this. If the word child has such potential then imagine about the word Children… They multiply. I’ve been observing it for quite a long time at the projects which we do. [Courtesy AID Delhi http://delhi.aidindia.org]

We all used to listen to stories when we were young, and our ancestors use to tell us stories which have angles in it and with all exclamations listen to them. I always had a question that where these angles come from and how do they look like and the answer would be Angles are gifted by GOD but silly Selva still asks a question Don’t they have Mom and Dad and the reply would be yes their Mom and Dad both are :GOD”. Sweet isn’t it. When I was in school I heard about orphanage and children living there who didn’t have Mom and Dad with them and I always fantasized visiting there just was curious to relate how these angles looked like, whether they have white cloths around them with a feathery wings. Our comic writer’s imagination is so poor which gets intruded into the readers as well and we’ve always seen angels like that, may it be in comic books or in movie stories.

During my college days I got a chance to visit an orphanage [I used to call it as a temple as I feel angles live there]. I don’t know if my childhood fantasies still was in me or not but I swear I could see none other than angels [both the male and female versions. No gender discrimination : P] in front of my eyes. Why I call them angels is because they don’t know who they are and also don’t know who I am but only give a smile to me and other all the time and say that we are in the world to make others happy. I don’t know if the institution taught them this but I know that children speak from their heart and these are someone special.

I also explored about how many such institutions in India exist and got to know there are thousands. Then I also got to know that there is a process by which one can adopt a child. I was pretty impressed to know that there is a chance of adoption. I say it’s a chance for us but if we carefully read it, it’s a hope for the child a new world, where the child can explore more about love and affection for a father and mother. I decided there that I would adopt a child in my life. I’m not a person who gets emotional immediately, at the same time I’m not a person who sees relationships as professional, it takes time for me to get into emotional attachment with anything and once I get attached then there is no stopping and this is something I felt emotional very immediately, but later I realized that after adoption I should certainly tell the child about the history behind him / her, so that I fairly give an opportunity to him / her to choose his / her own life. I would like to play a role of a mentor and that doesn’t mean that I would not pour my fatherhood to the child. The definition of adoption could differ and have any meaning for individuals, but all it holds is a new ray of hope for the children which would make a difference to not only the child. So friends why don’t we all take the word forward and encourage adoption in and around us.

After all we live in India where we Adopt to live with every thing which we don’t like and are not happy with. [Should I quote example for this as well??, no offence meant :D], but the child adoption does make us happy!!!.. Let’s make a new world for us and for others.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Plight of a Romance.......

18th February 1996

That morning when I was very happy as I was getting ready to go to attend a seminar in my old school. I moved out of that school after my 5th standard to another one. It was so exciting to go back to those classrooms and the corridor's where we spent a convincing amount of time. Oh between, the seminar is the one which happens a couple of weeks before our hindi exam which is conducted by Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha. There are 8 exams in total at an interval of 6 months each so at the end of 4th year (i.e after completing the 8th exam), you'll be awarded a degree equivalent to bachalors degree in hindi literature. I was on to write my last exam by then and the name of it was Praveen Uttarard.

Generally we get to meet a lot of people from different places of the town (Ambasamudram and its near by area) with whom we interact once in 6 months :). We also have our tution mates and that exam I wrote without tution (I studied on my own). It was great fun once we reach the school when you roam around with your school mates (ya there were a few as well, who were writing other exams), ex tution mates, other people and discussing all the things in the world expect the seminar. I just went into the class room and I always prefer to sit very next to the window. The window in that class room is so wonderful. Its a huge window which was with grills and very outside the window you'll see a 20 m wide ground and classrooms on the other end of the ground as well. Suddenly the crowd started to disperse to their respective classroom and the ground was getting emptied and thats when I get to see a cute little girl wrapped up in a nice green salwar crossing the corridor and suddenly the bell rang and I realized that I'm awe struck. It was just a few seconds but I can still remember the grandeur feel at the plight of her walk. The next thing I tried was to get out of the class but to my bad luck the speaker of the seminar entered the room.

As soon as the session ended, it was the hunt again to know who she is and which class she is in and along with my friend with me it was not a difficult task. At the end of the 10 min break we could collect her name, and her address and her school name, but couldn't meet her or find see her at the break. I could just not resist myself from getting out of the next session as this was the first time in my life when I felt something for a girl, when I felt something like seeing some girl again and again. The sessions generally in the seminar are so irritating and that day it was even worse and thankfully we got to break for lunch. The first think I did was to walk out of the class as soon as the bell rang and peepp into the other classes for her. My friend too joined me between but couldn't find her. He said with a smile that she is in the class of Madhyama (2nd exam). I decided to attend the afternoon session there and went in a choosed a corner seat of the class.

After lunch when she entered the class again the bell rang (this generally happens in comic stories and later saw in a movie too)... but believe me it happened. She sat in a chair which was three rows in front to me and three columns left to me and was in a perfect diagonal to me. Thank God! said me and just started to stare into her. I could hear nothing in the hall during the session and I couldn't feel any color in the room apart from green..... The feel was like everyone else in the class are dancing around us. Thanks to tamil movies which made me comfortable when I was thinking like this. Finally the bell rang in such a quick time and the seminar ended.........

A lot more interesting things happened after this..... wait and watch (oops.. read) :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Page from an Album called D-51

How do we feel if we get to see a beautiful bunch of different flowers wrapped in and smiles fresh on us!!..... Marvelous!!!!. D-51, is the bunch with five different flowers in it, yes living flowers which have more life time!, each of them having their own way of spreading around fragrance and smiles. I hope everyone who've known D-51 for sometime now would definitely agree to the above said fact. You get to see a lot of friends among yourselves who might be sharing their rooms, sharing their workspace, but you hardly get to see people sharing their lives. This garden has it!.

Just lets get into a small flashback.... a year ago... somewhere in the late December of 2007, I started to explore some crazy moments with Arun by traveling to Gurgaon from Noida to watch Jab We Met for the 7th time by catching a truck :D. Later I started to travel to Noida often to watch late night movies with Darshan and Arun, though movie viewing was not the primary reason which kept me meeting these guys. The primary reason being Prayas and its new shape which was getting to bud up. Those chill and freezing cold December nights were so pleasant when we guys used to walk down after our late night shows from spice. I used to get back to IIT where I stayed and one fine night, I was suggested by Arun and Darshan to stay with them.

I was then introduced to Chauhan and Rambo (seriously I got to know his name as Amit some 4 months back when I got a call from someone asking him on our landline phone :P). It all started there and I started to visit them frequently. We used to have a lot of non stop serious "bak-bak" session from AID to World Economy (though we had nothing interesting in it). Most of the talks would end with a lot of questions without any answer as well, but still the discussions kept on going. I started to literaly invade (yes thats the right word and to put it in Hindi "Kabja karna") this garden as I started to smell the essence of it. I had a very little of interaction with Chauhan and Rambo that time. I became a pseudo tenant of D-51.

Parvathi mata's aaloo parantha's were one more reason for me to invade the room on weekends. It was some merry moments which kept me going there again and again. One fine day as expected, Rambo called me and said "bhai bura mat maanna, Aunty is not feeling happy about you coming here and staying with us. tum aaya karo but kabhi kabhi". I don't know how others could have taken this statement but I felt that Rambo is true and he from his heart feels that I should keep coming to the room. The same day evening I again went back and stayed there and there was one more time when I was told the same lines mentioned above.

Chauhan and Rambo must have felt my need in the room it seems (:P... jhoote mat maarna yaaron).... they talked to our landlord and have officially made me as a member of D-51, but one thing which was put as the main agenda was AID and Prayas should not be put forward all the time at our room and it should not be made as a meeting point, but actually we used to have lot of AID and Prayas discussions in the room which makes Rambo and Chauhan boring but having no options left out.

The best part I enjoy in our garden D-51 is each one lives and shares every moment to others. May it be Rambo's IAS results , the children of prayas getting admitted to school, Chauhan's search for his girl friend, Arun's efforts to become more responsible or Darshan's frequent trip to Shimla (Darshan tum shimla baar baar kyun jaate ho?) and yes my endless look at the orkut profile :P, we all live those moments and are happy to share those moments. There might be hardly anything which we spare to share. This means that how much we care. I've always felt that with these guys around my wishes always getting fulfilled.

There are a lot more moments which would need separate articles in each to explain..... such as our frequent cake cutting!!!!.. beleive me the shop keeper at Defence Bakery, Defense Colony now knows tales of D-51., my cooking experiments etc., etc.,

Album is a thing which everyone would love to go through again and again. It just has those lovely photos which brings the memories just in front of us at every moment. That's the reason why I'd like to call the moments at D-51 as an Album..... (its also a garden) its just filled with wonderful and merrier moments throughout..... and I've shared a very few photos of that here....

Thanks Arun, Darshan, Chauhan and Rambo for decorating my album!!!!

hoping to share more merry pages here!!!!!