Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This post is just a hypothetical thought of mine which has been running through for a few days!. It tries to associate an individual’s life [rather my life] with the way nature exists. We all know about the nature and its evolution and how it persists. The nature moves on with seasons!.... Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Not everyone enjoys all the season.
Out of all the most pleasing is Spring and Autumn. Like the nature, life has its own kind of seasons….. and a few of them are blissful, calamitous, depressed, frolicsome, vexation…etc., etc., The difference between the seasons of nature and life is, nature follows an invariable order of the changes in season but human’s doesn’t, nevertheless ours is a mixture of all. What I understand is anything in life exists for a certain period of time and eventually changes… it’s a kind of similarity between nature….
The period of blissfulness, frolicsome or merrier moments are something like the spring and autumn where we see everything around us beautiful, pleasant and appealing, rather the same thing given a depressed state would get related to a hot summer evening when person piles up all his frustration. There is epoch to every season may it be in nature or it is in life…. I’ve also observed mostly the transition phase is so dainty in both the cases if you are person who eulogize every moment may it be bliss or calamityJ. On an over enthusiastic note, I’d also quote out a few of the drizzling evenings that occurs suddenly on a hot summer day which is equivalent to a cherishing moment on the depressed phase. It has got its own aesthetics.
Sometimes I’ve also felt summers as an enjoyable season, I assume more people would agree with me [as I’m not quoting and example].. that is the phase when it’s tough and if one can establish himself / herself by tackling it ripens your thought and make more mature. [I compare the state of depression, vexation with summer]. As we always know that there would definitely be a change in season!, If there is a summer which goes on an autumn would follow on. Let’s enjoy all the seasons! J.
There is a movie in Tamil in which a father character advises his son, “Whatever happens life should move on!” I’d rephrase it “Whatever happens life should move on Happily!”….

P.S : Please feel free to criticize / appreciate the views expressed :).


Raj said...

The idea here is about getting into a state of acceptance where life's happenings are a natural consequence of both controlable and uncontrolable components.

Here then, we also need to accept more deeply that each moment has a purpose and meaning plus an important bit of learning associated with it. The acceptance here would be to appreciate and take the learning while being detached from the need for sustaining that experience. The rationalized need to move on with life.

But then from where I see it there is nothing wrong with reminiscing and wishing to relive an experience. There can be a condition on this state but then that's a different topic altogether.

In Serch of ...... said...

well said !!!

nice comparison of seasons and life !!

nothing much to say but the thought behind this article ,somewhere goes deep down in our mind and tell us that "Yes Like summers,Winters,Spring,Autumn seasons change same life also does ,We should try to njoy every bit of it"

selva ganapathy said...

hey folks... I'm glad that the write up is received well and my interpretations are making sense :P....

I initially was bit confused if it would really go well with all.... in fact Arun you've made a clearer explanation of what I've rather hidden on the post :).... hide n seek game!

Sharmila Valli said...

It is interesting to note that you have equated summer as a time of calamity or vexation. In the West, the best season of one's life is always equated with summer because summer in the West is a time of outdoors, of being in the sun. of being liberated (a chance to wear less clothes for men and women...western women wear far fewer clothes on the beach than what their great grandmothers wore to bed!!).

Paradise in the Western mind is always a tropical setting with sun, sea and sand. The reason for this is because in the West after months of seeing no sun and battling the snow, summer is welcome respite.

In India, summers are very, very hot. I myself envision paradise as a place where it is green, clean, windy, with sunshine and the temperature around 15 degrees C! I have always thought that it is by some karmic miscalculation that I was born in the Equator. I much prefer the temperate climate.

Living in equatorial Malaysia where it is hot, sunny with showers in between, there is no different seasons to look forward to...it is all the same. Those who come from countries with different seasons have always complained how everything in the equator seems the same with no change in sight.

Sharmila Valli Narayanan

pulzinponderland said...

Did you find yourself a girlfriend or something? That's the only thing that could explain Selva going all artistic in the midst of all the IIT and AID work :).

"The difference between the seasons of nature and life is, nature follows an invariable order of the changes in season..."

Say that to a climate change scientist! Thanks to human beings, these seasons are no longer invariable.

selva ganapathy said...

Thanks Sharmila!,
it has always been nice to read your reviews on my articles and this time I'm more happy to receive your review in my blog and not at mail :)...

@ Pulikit!, its not necessary that one needs to get a girl friend to express or to be in a state of what I'm in :P.... Everyone can do artistical work provided they enjoy what they do.. may be work in IIT / AID or even in some other place :).... and yes now a days we've made nature also like our life cycle.. pata nahi kab kab badalte rehte hain :P..... thanks to global warming by human beings :)