Monday, August 10, 2009

Sandalwood Dreams!

The odor of the wind was never so pleasant!,
While I look on the creeping crescent!,
The mystical sounds that floats in the air!,
Jazzes the surrounding much more fair!.

The dusk in the hills piling on the thrills!,
The roads kept growing longer!,
The bonding flourish to be stronger!,
The shoulders brushing to the other!,
Brought the feel of dancing feather!,

The flips and flaps of her eye lid!,
Creating a violence in the silence!,
Nods replies to the unasked questions!,
The 3 mm smile adds a 3 million years life!,
I wish I have so you as my wife!.

When the breeze blowing mild!,
The thoughts going wild!,
While the hands held tight!,
The hearts go light!,
There came a gleam!,
Made me realize its a sandalwood dream!


Gouri Chugh said...

Well, Someone's turning into a poet! ahem ahem.

selva ganapathy said...

Thanks Gouri.. par considering there has been only one comment in more than a weeks time.. I should seriously think twice before I write my next poem :P...