Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Emmossanal Atyachar!!!

Hmmm...... I've been searching for an appropriate title for the content and the context of this blog.. Thanks to Dev D....... got me an appropriate one!. I started to write this somewhere in Dec 08… took quite long to tune it :P.
Generally, most of the relationships evolve on need basis apart from the friendship one gets in school life / college life with their classmates. I would rather replace the term evolve with made and if the replacement is right then it could be rephrased as relationships are made willingly / unwillingly [whichever is applicable] to fulfill a need. In the process, only a very few relationships tend to proceed with mutual willingness. Many tend to proceed with a drive / objective behind it. One more reason for getting into a drive based / objective based relationship which I think is that in our country most of the things get done with the help of love / affection people have for each other. I have noticed this many a times, a work which is pending for a month long will be done if someone so close to the person who need to complete the work rings and request for the same. Love does conquer but the disgusting fact is that there is a blend of fake ness conspiring with purity.
I’m a person who likes to go well with anyone I come across; I used to care for people [most of the people] who were around me. I felt that fulfilling their small wishes as a surprise would cheer them up and will remain ever in their memory. It doesn’t matter to me if people didn’t reciprocate because I generally don’t get deeply involved with many people. I’m very choosy when it comes to opening up with people. I only open up with someone who I respect, admire and look up to. For me, people are more important than anything else. I would literally do anything for those few people in my life.
These were my opinions and I used to strongly follow it, till I realized that I am the stupidest to keep doing things to people without expecting anything back. I came across a few situations where I realized that the people for whom I’ve been doing things have started to take me for granted :P , though I never worried about it as I gave the benefit of doubt and blindly trust people[I don’t want to quote the live example of what happened :)]. I’ve always been used to get things done [I realized this only after a few persons quoted things to me and explained]. I was really taken aback and there are a few things which I can’t tolerate, betrayal is one of them. I also learned that if there is real love / affection between people [in any relationship] then it should reciprocate. People say that Love is giving unconditionally; I’d restate that it is giving / getting conditionally.
I tried to change myself and also discovered that I’m what I have been and can’t be someone else I want to be but I can try and help out myself in choosing out the right people .
Got to read this in a status of a friend “Love people and use things instead of using people and loving things”. Very true!!!!.... We should avoid using people’s emotions!.