Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pesa Nalla Time :)

With a lot of Advertisements targeting children to sell their products, this one is refreshingly different with a pinch of romance added to it. For those who are not from the state of Tamil Nadu, it would be difficult to follow the content. It's a small conversation between a husband and wife, with husband requesting his wife to sit with him and he wants to share something with her. He keeps quite and with the cup of tea in the hand within 40 seconds the wife just gets tensed to know what he is going to say. Within moments she keeps on asking questions on one after the other while he keeps of dragging the time saying that I don't know how you will take this and finally she ends up at his earlier love affair and concluding that she knew that it would end up here. Sweet!.. still wanted to knowing it and clarify things she urges "Solli tholainga"..." [for the god's sake disclose it] and he reveals "I Love You".. Ah!!!... those tensed moments and kind of emotions spilled and exchanged.. It's invaluable and these two who acted in this advertisement has done full justice to it... 3 roses ending up with "perfect time to talk" has blended well with the emotion and the product which has a tag of "Niram, Suvai, Thidam" [Color, Taste and Strogness].... This one really stolen the heart


Brindha said...

Selva,i too like that ad very much.Their expressions,timing performance,music every thing is fantastic in that ad.

sugandha said...

I liked the way you narrated it :)

Iniyal said...

Ya its a good ad, ur subject for this article is different, i never expected a post on a ad.