Friday, December 11, 2009


This is a recent commercial from Vodafone!..
The expressions from the lady is so pleasing as I conclude to say "Maja aa gaya" after the ad completes :). With a whole lot of expectations she express herself while serving her partner and when it didn't reciprocate as the way she expected she stirs the coffee in the mug with irritation and goes for a sip with anguish in her eyes. The husband now finally says it all in one single word "Maja aa gaya" where she slightly shakes her head to acknowledge and siliently smiles to convey "beta ab aa gaya line pe"....... Awww!.. she is so sweet!

Expressions!.. its realy power to you!

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Brindha said...

I haven't yet seen the ad' in T.V.Nice ad' film.Every wife expects her husband's comment,but many husbands don't do it.