Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blended in Love

All the Characters, Incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters in living or dead is pure coincidence. Readers please try to imagine the situation with your own pleasing colors and visuals.. it would sound interesting.

Venice, 10th September, 2009
Arvind and Malini just landed at Venice. They were so much excited and enthralled to meet their daughter in law about whom they've only read in the mails and seen in photos. It has been three years since Vinay got married to her. They never thought that they'd be this eager to meet her and travel down to Europe to meet her. They never thought that they'd be able to accept her in to their family. Malini could just visualize those moments which she used to read in Vinay's mail.

New Delhi, 8th July, 2006
That house always smells happy, the reason being the people's charmness. Arvind, Malini and their daughter were having a fantastic phase of life. 19.30 hours always made the phone ring when they chit chat with Vinay. This was one another such day. Malini was speechless after the conversation. Arvind couldn't accept the fact that his son married that very day. Everything was fine till now but suddenly a love marriage and that too with a girl of different caste and region. Unacceptable!. Malini and Arvind could say nothing but to tell their son not to turn back to them.

Venice, 6th June, 2006
Floating in a boat in the floating city is bliss. Vinay who've just arrived there couldn't resist riding in the boat in the entire evening. He would have thought to extend the ride to late evening to have a view of the full moon that night. Being a music student one can't ask for a better situation to think of than this. When the moon starting to shine its silver rays on the sea, the golden sun shivered its glaze on the water. Up in the air comes a soothing violin sound which enriched the situation further. He turned towards the place where the sound came from and all her could observe is another boat which had a beautiful girl dressed in a lavender color suit tuning the violin as the moon grows up!. Being a music student himself he overwrought "Yaman Kalyani" with a very loud voice towards her. She just stared at him strangely towards him and moved on!. The great girl mentality- he thinks when she stares like that. That night when he reaches back and analyzes the raaga he realizes it was Bhairavi and not Yaman. As it was the evening time he was quickly drawn towards Yaman he shouted.
The next day when he goes to meet his Professor under whom he is supposed to learn music he gets to see her. She gets introduced to him by the Professor as his disciple. He apologizes to her for misunderstanding Bhairavi to Yaman. She laughs and shares that she had this in mind the last night about him - The great guy mentality. It's all in a matter of a few minutes they get to know each other. Music being their common interest there are a lot to share among them. She lives alone as her parents pass away and she possesses her passion! - music. She is simple and that is so special in her. She finds a wonderful person within Vinay vice versa. The endless boat ride on the canals of Venice would now celebrate this wonderful pair's chemistry!.
The next full moon night had brought them so close where they had nothing hidden from each other. She plays "Mohanam" a raaga used to express love!. He could read it in her eyes and so did she!. No words spoken. With silence creeping up and the breeze blowing they both could hear only "Mohanam" even when the violin was on the side.
"It's a girl thing and you understand it Vinay"...
"Sure let’s get married tomorrow"... replied he.
The next day Venice saw one of the beautiful marriages ever happened in the earth. There was only bride and the groom in the ceremony and it happend!.

New Delhi, 8th July, 2006
Vinay tries to convince his parents but they just were not ready to hear anything. All he wanted was their blessings but they cursed her!. It was his father who was so upset and blamed her for changing Vinay's mind!. That was the end.

Venice, 10th September, 2009
Arvind and Malini were received by Siddharth, Vinay's friend at the airport. He was surprised to see them to see Vinay's wife. Malini starts to tell him the mails Vinay used to send to them day to day about their life since they stopped talking to him. He sends them a picture a day with a detailed write up of their day to day activity. Arvind says after reading those he feels like he is in his late 20's. There is so much of love on their day to day life and Malini exclaims that she now wonders the entire Venice now floats on love and not on water. Siddharth is just awestruck!.... he has no words and remains speechless. After a moment of silence Arvind confesses that he shouldn't have cursed her. Also just to apologize to this they were not making a surprise visit. [The day to day mails are a part of the original screenplay and not available in this synopsis :P].

It was a 2 bedroom Villa which was named after her situated in a peaceful lane of Venice. Arvind and Malini enter home. Speechless Vinay on seeing them here gave a warm hug to receive them in. Filled with eagerness in their eyes, then get in to the drawing room to find a huge wall with a painting of their beautiful daughter in law. The rest of the three walls were painted with light lavender color and had one photo frame each of both being together. They could hear the sound of violin which was melting through the air.

Siddharth and Vinay were standing outside and after a couple of minutes Arvind and Malini after searching and not finding her came out which a question on their expressions to Vinay. Siddharth with tears in his eyes could say them that "She is no more!". It all happened in an accident she met the same day of her marriage.

Vinay just stops him and intervenes to his parents saying.... no more?... no I wouldn't agree... "She is no more for all of you!.. She is Much more for me!".. didn't you read my life with her all these days through my mails?.. I am still living with her and would live long with her!. She is blended in me and my music!.... I am blended in her love!.


Charu said...

A great piece of work sir...i mean great for me is an understatement....i really loved it....i was dumbstruck myself at the was awesome...too good...u rocked in this one sir...

Keep up the good work..wud want to read more of such blogs...
In the end again...loved this one..totally .. :)

Shweta said...

its amazing..this can make nyone one cry... nyways good work :)

anuradha said...

bhavuk kar dia tumne toh....
waise bht jada acha likha hai...
god bless u..

Time & Destiny said...

Y u don't ended this story with happy ending????
Its good bt so heavy..... :(

selva ganapathy said...

haan I know... who is this time amp destiny?