Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Abducted Mind

Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

15th June, 1998 Monday, 06.00 hours
Shekar was still lying in his bed but others weren’t aware that he was no more. It was another hot Monday morning. Shekar was a brat in the house, he was very less educated, in his early 20s and did nothing to earn his bread and butter thus he wasn’t useful in any way to the house.

15th June, 1998 Monday, 07.00 hours
Priya, Shekar's sister kicks him in his ass to get him off the bed and notices some unusual changes in him. She gets really scared when she realizes that Shekar is no more. Crowd gathers [people within the house] to witness Shekar's body without a heart beat! Hardly any tears burst but, the death was still a mystery for a few. Talks between people were that Shekar had committed suicide. Shekar's mother was willing to believe that it could be suicide, but couldn’t believe that her son would have the guts to do it. Priya could remember her mother screaming at Shekar a couple of month's back that she would kill him one day if he remains the way he is. Priya could smell doubt; however she was also convinced that it could be a suicide as Shekar's loan had sky rocketed in the past couple of weeks among his brat gang. Vivek [Priya’s husband] too was shocked and he was worried that Karthick [their 11 year old son] must not get to know this. He prepared his school bag and sent him early that day. Priya’s only source of worry was, the golden ornaments which she had lent him a couple of days back.

15th June, 1998 Monday, 11.00 hours
There was police in the house. Since the town was a small and everyone knew each other, the policemen were very polite in their inquiry. They took the body away for postmortem.

19th June, 1998 Friday, 12.00 hours
The report was clear that, local pesticide consumed last night mixed with carbonated beverage led to the death. The doctors also gave a separate paper to the police, whispering something. The doctors whispered that they could trace out sperm content in the inner wear of victim. As the victim of suicide didn't leave any note / letter it was still a mystery for police as to why the suicide was committed. They could only believe that this could be a murder. Police were able to trace out the pesticide bottle from the rack where the farm land materials were kept. They were also able to trace out the empty soda bottle kept in the kitchen. The police suspected it to be a murder. Suspicion was on Shekar's mother and a couple of his friends. Priya was a bit happy that she could get her ornaments back or at least some hint on where they are from the police inquiry.

25th June, 1998 Thursday 15.00 hours
Policemen met Vivek, to give back a few of Priya’s ornaments which were deposited with a pal of Shekar. Vivek verified the same and handed it over to Priya. She asked the police men with an exclamation, “How did you get these? Was my brother’s death a murder?” The policemen replied “Can’t tell anything as of now, the inquiry is on”. They speak to Vivek for a couple of minutes and get to know that Priya, Vivek and Karthik had been living since their marriage in the same house with Shekar. Shekar’s mother and her sister were the other occupants.

25th June, 1998 Thursday 15.45 hours
Policemen meet Karthik outside his school while he is walking back home. Karthik starts to weep as one of the policeman picks him up to talk. The policeman smile at Karthik and offers a chocolate to him saying that there is nothing to fear or worry. They ask Karthik about what happened that day. Karthik with fear and tears in his eyes confesses the following....

14th June, 1998 Sunday 20.30 hours
Shekar calls Karthik to buy him a soda. Karthik buys soda from the petty shop opposite their house and then before offering it to Shekar he goes to the room where the farm materials are kept and adds a couple of drops of the pesticide kept there. Shekar drinks the soda and goes to sleep.

25th June, 1998 16.30 hours
The policemen drops Karthik at his home and also inform the people in house that after inquiry it was found that Shekar’s death was a suicide and the case has been closed. They again smile at Karthik and leave the spot.

During the inquiry with the petty shop guy [after seeing the empty soda bottle] the police could identify that Karthik bought it on 14th evening and became the suspect. After the conversation with Karthik they confirm it but when they interrogated the child to know why he did this they were shocked to know that Karthik was a victim of child abuse by Shekar every now and then. Karthik was very ashamed of it and embarrassed to discuss this with his parents. Police were able to believe Karthik based on the information they had gathered about Shekar from his friends and also the postmortem report from the doctor.


Sharmila Valli said...

Hmmm...not bad. Suicide of a thanda soru (loafer) brother, soda pop bottle, child abuse..was there foul play...interesting concept. I see yo are going for the "things are not what they seem" concept. It is a concept that is hardly explored in Tamil movies. The only bump in your smooth story is the part involving Karthik, the nephew. I understand the father trying to protect the boy but the next scene where the policemen question him seem to be a bit jarring. There will probably be more to follow I bet. Looking forward to it..

Sharmila Valli said...

Sorry about the Karthi comment -- just realised that it was on a later date...the time frame sort of confused me...

Aashiq said...


Nice concept...nice story.

Suspense thoda aur lamba khichte naa... ;)

SG said...

Hey Selva

Inspired by you, I wrote some fiction myself. Check it out:


Also, I love your stories. Way better than a lot of "published work" even. Keep writing.

selva ganapathy said...

Thanks you Sidharth!.. I am touched. will read yours as well and keep posting.