Saturday, December 15, 2012

Personified Values

Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The office bus just was delayed by 5 minutes to its regular stop, 3 guys boarded the bus before Priya and her friend stepped in. Priya smiled at the driver and wished him a Good Morning! Anna, which she had never done earlier in her 6 odd months travel in the same bus. The driver was a little surprised and smiled back. That led to a clean drive to office. Priya’s friend also observed a little pretty change in Priya the day.
In the office, Priya was just charming in and to be precise was the cynosure of the morning. She was one girl who generally is not that talkative, not very great at work but is sincere. There is no single day when she doesn’t have had a fight with her manager.  Priya just observed that her table was highly disorganized and started to clean up the place.
She logged into her system and started her work. She could feel that everything she did that morning was getting near to perfection. She spent close to 40 minutes to complete the first task for the day and by the time when she decided to go for a coffee with Sweta, her intercom buzzes. Manager at the other end in a fairly disappointed tone wants her immediately at her cabin. Normally Priya does an “archanai” [a series of scolding’s, just as the way the pujari’s recite in the temple] about the manager to Sweta before she goes to her cabin, but today she didn’t, rather she smiled at Sweta and asked her to wait and went in.
Manager as usual did an “archanai” on Priya’s earlier day work and yelled at her to correct. Priya smiled and replied “Will, do it right away mam”. The most shocking person in the office today was the manager to see such a polite and sweet response from Priya. However, she didn’t react. Priya and Sweta went to the cafeteria where they both were sitting a sipping coffee.
Sweta asked “What happened to you?. You seem to be over the moon today?”
Priya replied “nothing ya, a simple sweet little incident in the morning!”.. Sweta couldn’t hold her excitement to really know what happened and Priya could sense that in Sweta’s exclaimingly raised eyebrows. Priya started, “I came a little early to the bus stop today, while I was waiting for the bus an auto crossed by and suddenly stopped. The auto rickshaw came back and a boy just peeped out and said you look so beautiful and have a nice day!”.  Immediately guessing what Sweta would ask, Priya responded, the boy was someone who they never saw and didn’t have any clue about him.
They both walked back to their desk where Priya finds a flower kept with a good day note by Rahul, picks up and throw at the dustbin and start the work given by the manager with a smile.  Sweta seeing Priya’s action tells within herself “This poor guy Rahul who loves you so much tell the same thing which the guy at the bus stop told you and that too every day, but you damn give a value for him!.”.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's such a beautiful life

The ray of the sun was just caressing from the floor to feet and above. She just woke up to yet another beautiful morning with the bit of laziness creeping just out of her. Before she open her eyes here comes the first drop on her face. Opening the eyes as fresh as she could looking around her fellow friends around everyone waking up one by one facing the water that sprinkled on them. Ten minutes later when the sprinkler moves on, she looks up to her adjacent buddy to ask, these humans control the rain above us just for about 10 minutes in a day. By then the sun was well out and was warming up these white round flowers which had just had their bath for the day.
Just when the sun was warm enough, the gardener carried the pot of flowers to a place of shade and she just was having a view from her window looking at the amazing world around her. She was pretty impressed with those handsome looking guys this morning on the other plants around and blushed when she crossed the yellow color guy. They both were seeing around for some time now.  She could just notice the little bee sitting on the yellow flower and winked at it. The guy was very attentive and had read the message. He just passed on his love to the bee and the bee flew all the way with his message to sit right on top of her. She just was blushing with shyness and her friends went pulling her legs down.
The gardener just walked in plucking flowers around and her lips were praying that her wannabe boyfriend should not leave the field today. She wished that the gardener should pluck these red color flowers that she hated the most. It all started a couple of hours (precisely 20 odd) back when the red color flowers got some special provision from the gardener. There was a huge rush among the flowers and the red ones were lucky. They also offered others that they will leave way for them, but ultimately they could do nothing with the gardener’s decision. Her wishes came true when the gardener plucked. She just jumped with joy shouting and that’s when her mom told her not to be so happy about it. She said that the red flowers are warriors but somehow this little girl didn’t understand who and what a warrior does. Her parents also said some time down the line you might also be taken away like that.
A couple of minutes later she realized that the gardener plucked her and just a couple more of her buddies (a very few) and put in the same box with the red flowers. She cried, screamed but her parents couldn’t avoid her being carried away. They were also aware that they would die anytime soon and she needs to live on her own.  They were mature enough to realize that this was bound to happen.
She felt a little bit of chillness around her body to realize that she was kept in an AC container along with large steel / plastic bodies around it. She thought that she is dead now and is in heaven as she could see some gas flowing around like cloud. Just while guessing what would be the story behind the large steel plastic bodies she saw the door of the heaven being opened and saw a little kid standing in front. Through the window behind the kid she was able to see her parents in the garden and tried to wave her petals on them. They seem to not notice them. The door closed. She wept.
The little red flower which was lying adjacent to her asked, “You are missing your parent aren’t you?”. She didn’t like to respond but just nodded her head. The red flower followed that don’t worry, these humans generally pluck us to make a lot of useful things for them. They would generally take some of us to wear in their head (this is in South India) and the rest of us would be in the garland. As a tradition in this house, generation after generation we, the red flowers are warriors and will sacrifice our lives to get on top of these useless human heads and will save you so that you will get onto the garland and will reach the GOD directly.
She suddenly realizes that how stupid she was and how her ego prevented her in missing her being with these guys. Also she feels that the life what she had was very beautiful and short and she regrets that she has spent a good amount of time in developing hatred than love while the ones who hated the most is valuing her the most.  She immediately wanted to apologize to the red ones and state that her opinion on them was wrong. When she was about to open her mouth, the fridge door opened and the lady quickly picked the red ones and shut the door. Gone were the moments. She will now never get to meet them again and the moment once missed is gone. She decided not to waste anymore time left out and was also happy that she is going to directly reach the GOD. Winks at her friend and smiles.
It’s such a beautiful life

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The crowd was waiting for the last ball to be delivered with an absolute silence which then broke into a huge roar when the ball rolled on to the cover fence piercing the two men trying to cover it. It was a picture perfect authentic cricketing cover drive from the sweetest spot of the willow which belonged to Arvind. His team mates rolled around him in no time and the celebrations went wild as their college won their rivals after three long years. The wait was over. Arvind was one budding talent who had the potential to make it to the state team but still couldn’t get his luck through for the past 2 years. He neither was rich enough nor had any influence of politicians to take him to the lobby of the gentlemen’s game selection committee.

The next day news paper carried box news and a small black and white photo of Arvind in the penultimate page about the victory and Arvind’s sensational knock to steal the match just on the last ball. Arvind’s father was showing the column to his wife and was feeling proud about it. Little did they knew that Arvind desperately delayed the winning stroke to create a drama around it and then steal the victory in the last ball when he could have finished off the same with a couple of balls to spare. Arvind wearing his spunky t-shirt pinned with his sunshades was searching for his bike keys when his mom came in to help him find it. She advised him to take his breakfast but he denied and ran to his bike.

The helmet was having its ride along with him on top of the petrol tank and he was cruising through on the roads as if he has a flight to catch the next minute. A few narrow misses across the never break using metro buses made a slight heart stop for many who were witnessing from the road. Suddenly on a curve he bumps into a Mercedes S class vehicle which suddenly breaks in front of his bike. Thanks to the brake shoes which avoid a major collision but still the bumper on the car slightly had a mark left to remind the incident. Arvind just avoided falling down on the road and balanced his stance and had so much fury in him. Sweta just comes out of the car to get an estimate of the damage caused. When she came out an approached Arvind, his anger flew away miles apart and he couldn’t resist looking into those eyes. He just couldn’t hear whatever she said; blame it on the ever patient Indian drivers who believe horn is more necessary than fuel to drive on the roads.

Suddenly he picks up his wallet and pulls out a card and hands it over to Sweta and says, mam listen, and I’ll compensate the damage but let’s now part away from this place as it creates hindrance to the traffic. Give me call and let’s meet somewhere and I will bear the expenses. His statement made sense to her and she could appreciate the fact that not to create traffic on the road. As Sweta was heading for an important meeting she didn’t want to waste her time and energy on the road. Post noon when she was inquiring about the damage getting rectified she picked up Arvind’s card to give him a ring in which she finds that Arvind is a guitarist. She was in fact looking for someone who could teach her guitar and was inquiring about courses around. As she had developed a good impression on Arvind she thought of asking him if he would teach her.

2 years later

The crowd was waiting for the last ball to be delivered with an absolute silence which then broke into a huge roar when the ball rolled on to the cover fence piercing the two men trying to cover it. It was a picture perfect authentic cricketing cover drive from the sweetest spot of the willow which belonged to Arvind, but this time the boundary he had hit took his state team win. It was Sweta’s father, the selection committee chairman of the state team who accommodated him in the team. The next day articles carried the possibilities of Arvind getting selected for the nationals, however there was a column criticizing Arvind’s tactic of taking the match to a tensed state and winning it from there!.

A Chanakiyan stroke!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Indra Gandhi International airport, Terminal 3. The outside temperature is 23 degrees. Please stay on your seat and keep your seatbelts fastened until the aircraft comes to complete halt. Should you wish to use your mobile phones you may do so”….
So many phones started to ring even before the airhostess could conclude her elocution.  One among that was Rahul’s. He picked up the call and said, “Yes.. Just landed and I’ll come out in 15 mins”. He is coming to Delhi for the first time to join his job with a multinational. Even before landing he could guess that it was raining heavily outside which caused his flight a 20 minute delay. While walking out of the aerobridge he felt that he missed the chance of getting drenched in the rain as he used to love walking in the rains.
After picking up his belongings from the baggage belt, he moved out to locate Sweta who came to pick him up. Apparently Sweta was his team leader and a very simple, humble and polite girl. She just arrived from Mumbai a couple of minutes before Rahul landed. It was obvious that Rahul was spell bound to see such a pretty girl waiting for him on his first arrival at Delhi with thunderous raining background music.
After the initial formal interaction both boarded the car. There was some silence between them as rain was doing the majority of talking. When the car passed Subroto Park, Rahul broke the silence. “The rains are so beautiful isn’t it?”… “No it’s actually horrible” replied Sweta…  Rahul could suddenly sense that his perception on Sweta had suddenly shattered.  Perhaps the silence made more sense to him now than the words she had spelt. He now tagged Sweta as one adamant girl with the corporate attitude in his mind.
More silence prevailed till they reach the Moti Bagh signal. Sweta pointed out the space beneath the flyover and said “see these homeless people striving out to come out, they can’t even sell books at the signal which they normally do for their livelihood. Is this rain now pleasing enough?”, paused Sweta. Rahul couldn’t feel like responding back. Her stature grew much higher than earlier within him. 15 minutes later she dropped him at Greater Kailash at their guest house before proceeding home. She had instructed him to take an auto to reach office the next day.
After a quick shower in the room, while looking out through his glass window Rahul noticed a small girl who might hardly be 12 years old holding something in her hand kept knocking the windows of the car after another at the road. Suddenly he could remember Sweta’s sentiments and thought of getting out to that child and give her an umbrella. After packing his bags and picking up an umbrella for himself and for the girl, he walked out and looked for her around and found her on the other side of the road sitting and playing at the stagnant water.
He went to her, smiled and offered the umbrella.
“Nahi chahiye” [Doesn’t need this].. said the girl. With much surprise, he said “tum baarish mein bheeg rahi ho, isko rakh lo”…
“aapko baarish mein bheenga accha nahi lagta kya?... bahut mazaa aata hai mujhe”[Don’t you like getting drenched in rain. I love doing so].. responded the girl.
“mujhe bhi accha lagta hai”[I too love to get drenched in rain].. smiled Rahul…
“phir chartri lekhe kyun ghoomte ho?” [then why do you roam around with the umbrella?].. the girl stumped him out.
He carries umbrella to protect his laptop, high end phone and other gadgets, though he loves to walk in rain, he do not have the privilege of doing so.  Honestly, what he thought as privilege to him has turned out to be fate.  He also acquired that What you think as fate for someone might be their privilege!...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marriage, Gifts and My take

A couple of days back I had tweeted “இனி எந்த திருமணத்திற்கு சென்றாலும் பரிசாக எதுவுமே தரப்போவதில்லை என்று முடிவு செய்துள்ளேன் நான்!  “(I’ve decided not to give any gifts in the marriage ceremonies I’ll attend) and the kind of replies I got was that people will stop inviting you to their marriage. Wow!, precisely what would be ideal, but the way the responses came were not with the idea of what I think why people should stop inviting friends and families to their marriage. The responses summarized that because I will not be giving a gift to the newly wed couples, they’ll not like me to participate in their marriage. Well that provoked me to write this post.
Before getting in to the gift issue, I first of all believe that marriage in itself is an occasion which is obviously auspicious but needn’t require that lavish expenses as it is happening these days. Though, it is one special day when two people come together to start a new life together. Marriages can be made simpler by just having those truly wishing hearts around. These two who have started a new life together is now going to live a new life every day, we all do live a new life every day. So friends and well wishers can shower their wishes daily after they get married as per their convenience. Why just gather on one day and show flashy outfits they’ve got to the entire world, smile for a photograph, eat and then vanish? Let me logically tell you that you’ll end up spending a much more less money if you go and meet these people at their homes or even at public places along with a dinner or lunch after your marriage rather than booking a hall, inviting everyone to one place.
In a marriage function, which I attended recently a friend of mine called me to purchase a gift. Unfortunately due to time constraint I couldn’t buy anything and suggested them that let us take them out for a dinner some time where probably we can buy them something. However the rest of the people said that we’ll not have time for that, so we should contribute in cash. I was a bit uncomfortable in giving cash, the reason being..
I assume that the tradition of giving cash in marriages would have originated from the thought of providing a monetary support to the newlyweds because they would have invested and spent a quiet reasonable amount on the marriage as such as well as during the earlier days people who were well to do would want to give something in cash to the not-so well to do families so that they can use that to establish a new life with essential things around them and it also justifies me the fact that why utensils and household articles still are being provided as gifts. So I suggested my friends that lets rather ask the bride and groom about what they want and get them something rather than we simply buy what we think would suit them. I know a lot of marriages where there will be so many wall clocks, “n” number of iron boxes, pressure cookers collected more than the need. It also becomes difficult for the people to carry it these days as many people keep shuttling between cities and places. I said them that rather than giving something useless let’s not give anything at all. Oh! How is that possible, what will he think of us. He will blame us if we don’t give any gift was the response from others.
I sincerely think that giving that one time gift will not make the provider and the receiver happy forever in their life. What they / we absolutely need is the support thorough out the life.. As a friend of mine says and I too believe in the fact that marriage is not just a one day celebration, it’s a celebration everyday which starts on that particular day and it continues throughout their life. If you want to give something provide them happiness and give them unconditional love, support and especially your shoulder whenever possible.
They do not need things which will not speak and stay along with them lifelong inside a showcase or at their kitchen. In fact all we humans need our fellow human, who we can trust, rely and believe in.  If the process of not giving gifts will stop people from inviting more people to their marriage that will in fact solve the issue of overspending and lavish expenses made on marriage which intact will help the newlyweds to plan their future better.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


After close to 2 years, I happened to do a trip alone the way generally I did almost every month when I was in Delhi. This was a suddenly planned trip to Kashmir. Though the reason for planning the trip was different but still it gave me an opportunity to explore back my own horizons of lonely travel with nature. I have some beautiful memories of the place from my earlier trip. Every time I travel alone I get to explore more of me. Normally I think that a lonely trip to places like this is a kind of meditation for me where I realize a lot of who actually I am. Right at the arrival at Srinagar I realized that the city is different from my earlier visit. So much of crowd and I hate crowded places.  Decided not to take a houseboat in the Dal Lake and chose to stay in a houseboat in the Jhelum River. It actually saved some bucks as well and gave a peaceful lonely place without crowd around. Got to the lake in the night say around 11.30 and asked for a Shikara ride. Luckily there was an old man who offered a ride and we went around for more than 2 hours talking about various things in life.

My lonely trips have always offered me people from whom I gather new insights into life. Ghulam Nabi was one of them at the age of 55, in the middle of Dal lake sharing a cup of Kehwa answered my question of “Aap is umar me Shikara chalate hue thak nahi jaate ho?” [Don’t you get tired at this age after riding Shikara?]. His answer was a question, “Sahib, aadmi itna mehnat waise kyun karta hai?” [Sir, why does everyone do a lot of hard work]. I replied “bus hum jin logon ko bhaut pyaar karte hain unhe khush rakne ke liye” [To keep the ones who we love the most very happy]. “Bas sahib aapka sawal ka jawab aapke paas hi hai”[That’s it sir, you have the answer to your question]. I remembered one of my earlier quotes that “Question ka answer question nahi ho sakta” [A question’s answer cannot be another question] but now I realize an answer to a question can be another question which will get the answer.

Zillions of thoughts were rushing through by then; I questioned a lot to myself with so much silence, peace and darkness around. The rays of the moon penetrating through the clouds were kind enough not to throw much light around us.  I then wanted Ghulam Nabi to show me the floating vegetable market the next morning. He agreed and asked me to come at 4.30 in the morning and the next day he did wake up early to take me for a lonely ride. We again spoke a lot of things during the hour long ride to the floating market.  He then dropped me back to the Ghat at around 8.00 in the morning. A good long 3.5 hours of ride. He took a very little money than they normally take from the guests. I offered him more but he refused saying “After a long time, I enjoyed riding with you”. He also added, “There is a greed for money among people, probably within me as well but I do identify and understand love”. It was a little bit disturbing when I heard such a statement but I did feel happy before I bid a good bye.

While travelling to Pehalgam in a shared taxi, I could listen to a lot of local people who were my fellow travelers about their opinion on Kashmir, its politics, people, tourism and others. They all were very warm and made sure that I was comfortable. They guided me on everything so that I travel safe. I realized that what you get is what you give. There are times when where you don’t get but it’s still important that you give.  I decided to get down a few kilometers before reaching Pehalgam and  walk through the banks of the Lider river. The flow of the river is very similar to a person’s life. It has the fall, the rise, the hurdles, the obstructions, streams merging in and streams parting off. At times the river roars while flowing and at times it's calm and composed. The very intriguing part I learned is that it never loses its energy. The potential is always there.

I did trek in the virgin woods around 15 kms before I got back to my dormitory in the night.  There were some slight drizzle and chilly wind but they all seemed pleasant as I was completely drenched in thoughts and was hearing to my inner self. I felt happy that I am still the person who does what I want to do. I have always seen many people who say that “I want to do this, I want to do that” and finally ending up saying “don’t have time” and some or the other reasons. I always felt that you do things because you want to do and then you don’t do things because you don’t want to do.. It’s that simple.  People just find a reason to justify that they are always correct. It’s o.k to be wrong as well at times. That’s my humble opinion. And I also strongly believe that if you can’t fight / stand up to do what you actually want to do, then it will be you, the loser. I did climb up to the point where generally people go  on ponies. I knew that I was not well and might not be able to climb up but I did make it.

The next day I went to Gulmarg only to see that there was so much of grass in the same place where I got to see 5 feet of snow. With so much of cloud coming down the view was so very super!. I wanted to do the Gondala ride but I observed a 500m long line which was there to buy the ticket for the ride and another 500 m long line to enter the rope car and people had so much patience to wait in such a long line for hours. I decided to trek up rather than waiting in the line.  After a little trek I did walk around the little sweet town before I departed back to Srinagar. 

Once I reached back, I took an auto back to my dormitory. Spoke to the auto driver for a few moments and I asked him if he can take me through the lanes and streets of Srinagar where normally tourists don’t travel. The next morning at 9.00 he was there ready to take me around for a ride and said that he would drop me back at the airport. Heard that he got engaged  recently and his marriage would be in September. He took me in the most beautiful unexplored places around Srinagar. When he dropped back at the airport, he refused to take money. He said that he will take it if I promise to attend his wedding. He did take very little money. It’s heartening that love and affection is still the most valued thing among people where greed for money dominates. I also realize that if the value for love and affection is more within oneself then that person is always happy. Happiness according to me can be classified into to two. One is the actually happiness for the body, mind and soul where you are free to do and do what you want to irrespective of worrying / bothering anything / anyone around you. The other one where you feel you are happy and still not able to do many things which you want to do because of so and so reason. According to me I would say I am happy only if I belong to category 1 and with all means I felt that I am in category 1 without any hesitation!!!....

My flight which was supposed to reach Delhi didn’t reach Delhi and went to Lucknow because of bad weather and they took me back to Delhi by 10.00 in the night. Everyone de-boards and goes to their home, but I went direct to India Gate to have fun with my friends. “Pagalpandi karna koi Delhiwala se sekhoo” [If you want to be in the state of madness learn it from a Delhiite] and “mein bhi tho delhiwala hoon :-)” [I am also a Delhiwala :-)].

Thursday, April 12, 2012


There was a boy, who knew nothing!,
Then he learned humans were the kindest being in the earth,
He thought food was always served to share love,
Then he grew up to know he knew nothing!!

He thought taking up challenges was fun,
While the pressure of family grew in the run,
He thought friends and relatives would delay
the long lasting marathon look a relay,
Then he grew up to know he knew nothing!!!

He thought everything had a reason
So things would change with passing season,
He thought heart was a part of body
Which he believed that it would keep growing
Then he grew up to know he knew nothing!!!!

He thought giving is the only nature
Which would give human a God's stature.
Along with simple principles, belief and love
He believed that the world will look with a wow!
Then he grew up to know he knew nothing!!!!!

When he knew that he knew nothing,
He was caught in a lonely crowd,
Which doesn't make him any more proud!
He could hear his screaming then so load,
While walking on a long lone road!!