Thursday, April 12, 2012


There was a boy, who knew nothing!,
Then he learned humans were the kindest being in the earth,
He thought food was always served to share love,
Then he grew up to know he knew nothing!!

He thought taking up challenges was fun,
While the pressure of family grew in the run,
He thought friends and relatives would delay
the long lasting marathon look a relay,
Then he grew up to know he knew nothing!!!

He thought everything had a reason
So things would change with passing season,
He thought heart was a part of body
Which he believed that it would keep growing
Then he grew up to know he knew nothing!!!!

He thought giving is the only nature
Which would give human a God's stature.
Along with simple principles, belief and love
He believed that the world will look with a wow!
Then he grew up to know he knew nothing!!!!!

When he knew that he knew nothing,
He was caught in a lonely crowd,
Which doesn't make him any more proud!
He could hear his screaming then so load,
While walking on a long lone road!!

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