Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's such a beautiful life

The ray of the sun was just caressing from the floor to feet and above. She just woke up to yet another beautiful morning with the bit of laziness creeping just out of her. Before she open her eyes here comes the first drop on her face. Opening the eyes as fresh as she could looking around her fellow friends around everyone waking up one by one facing the water that sprinkled on them. Ten minutes later when the sprinkler moves on, she looks up to her adjacent buddy to ask, these humans control the rain above us just for about 10 minutes in a day. By then the sun was well out and was warming up these white round flowers which had just had their bath for the day.
Just when the sun was warm enough, the gardener carried the pot of flowers to a place of shade and she just was having a view from her window looking at the amazing world around her. She was pretty impressed with those handsome looking guys this morning on the other plants around and blushed when she crossed the yellow color guy. They both were seeing around for some time now.  She could just notice the little bee sitting on the yellow flower and winked at it. The guy was very attentive and had read the message. He just passed on his love to the bee and the bee flew all the way with his message to sit right on top of her. She just was blushing with shyness and her friends went pulling her legs down.
The gardener just walked in plucking flowers around and her lips were praying that her wannabe boyfriend should not leave the field today. She wished that the gardener should pluck these red color flowers that she hated the most. It all started a couple of hours (precisely 20 odd) back when the red color flowers got some special provision from the gardener. There was a huge rush among the flowers and the red ones were lucky. They also offered others that they will leave way for them, but ultimately they could do nothing with the gardener’s decision. Her wishes came true when the gardener plucked. She just jumped with joy shouting and that’s when her mom told her not to be so happy about it. She said that the red flowers are warriors but somehow this little girl didn’t understand who and what a warrior does. Her parents also said some time down the line you might also be taken away like that.
A couple of minutes later she realized that the gardener plucked her and just a couple more of her buddies (a very few) and put in the same box with the red flowers. She cried, screamed but her parents couldn’t avoid her being carried away. They were also aware that they would die anytime soon and she needs to live on her own.  They were mature enough to realize that this was bound to happen.
She felt a little bit of chillness around her body to realize that she was kept in an AC container along with large steel / plastic bodies around it. She thought that she is dead now and is in heaven as she could see some gas flowing around like cloud. Just while guessing what would be the story behind the large steel plastic bodies she saw the door of the heaven being opened and saw a little kid standing in front. Through the window behind the kid she was able to see her parents in the garden and tried to wave her petals on them. They seem to not notice them. The door closed. She wept.
The little red flower which was lying adjacent to her asked, “You are missing your parent aren’t you?”. She didn’t like to respond but just nodded her head. The red flower followed that don’t worry, these humans generally pluck us to make a lot of useful things for them. They would generally take some of us to wear in their head (this is in South India) and the rest of us would be in the garland. As a tradition in this house, generation after generation we, the red flowers are warriors and will sacrifice our lives to get on top of these useless human heads and will save you so that you will get onto the garland and will reach the GOD directly.
She suddenly realizes that how stupid she was and how her ego prevented her in missing her being with these guys. Also she feels that the life what she had was very beautiful and short and she regrets that she has spent a good amount of time in developing hatred than love while the ones who hated the most is valuing her the most.  She immediately wanted to apologize to the red ones and state that her opinion on them was wrong. When she was about to open her mouth, the fridge door opened and the lady quickly picked the red ones and shut the door. Gone were the moments. She will now never get to meet them again and the moment once missed is gone. She decided not to waste anymore time left out and was also happy that she is going to directly reach the GOD. Winks at her friend and smiles.
It’s such a beautiful life


Anvita said...
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Anvita said...

kahani pe kahani selva... badhiya hai :)
I always admire your positive attitude :) :)

amas said...

Very nice. Forgiveness is the need of the hour :-)