Saturday, December 15, 2012

Personified Values

Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The office bus just was delayed by 5 minutes to its regular stop, 3 guys boarded the bus before Priya and her friend stepped in. Priya smiled at the driver and wished him a Good Morning! Anna, which she had never done earlier in her 6 odd months travel in the same bus. The driver was a little surprised and smiled back. That led to a clean drive to office. Priya’s friend also observed a little pretty change in Priya the day.
In the office, Priya was just charming in and to be precise was the cynosure of the morning. She was one girl who generally is not that talkative, not very great at work but is sincere. There is no single day when she doesn’t have had a fight with her manager.  Priya just observed that her table was highly disorganized and started to clean up the place.
She logged into her system and started her work. She could feel that everything she did that morning was getting near to perfection. She spent close to 40 minutes to complete the first task for the day and by the time when she decided to go for a coffee with Sweta, her intercom buzzes. Manager at the other end in a fairly disappointed tone wants her immediately at her cabin. Normally Priya does an “archanai” [a series of scolding’s, just as the way the pujari’s recite in the temple] about the manager to Sweta before she goes to her cabin, but today she didn’t, rather she smiled at Sweta and asked her to wait and went in.
Manager as usual did an “archanai” on Priya’s earlier day work and yelled at her to correct. Priya smiled and replied “Will, do it right away mam”. The most shocking person in the office today was the manager to see such a polite and sweet response from Priya. However, she didn’t react. Priya and Sweta went to the cafeteria where they both were sitting a sipping coffee.
Sweta asked “What happened to you?. You seem to be over the moon today?”
Priya replied “nothing ya, a simple sweet little incident in the morning!”.. Sweta couldn’t hold her excitement to really know what happened and Priya could sense that in Sweta’s exclaimingly raised eyebrows. Priya started, “I came a little early to the bus stop today, while I was waiting for the bus an auto crossed by and suddenly stopped. The auto rickshaw came back and a boy just peeped out and said you look so beautiful and have a nice day!”.  Immediately guessing what Sweta would ask, Priya responded, the boy was someone who they never saw and didn’t have any clue about him.
They both walked back to their desk where Priya finds a flower kept with a good day note by Rahul, picks up and throw at the dustbin and start the work given by the manager with a smile.  Sweta seeing Priya’s action tells within herself “This poor guy Rahul who loves you so much tell the same thing which the guy at the bus stop told you and that too every day, but you damn give a value for him!.”.


Unknown said...

Interesting very short story that tells something about Priya's character. She can't see the gold nearby but seems flattered by someone else's compliments. One wonders why Priya acts that way towards Rahul. What is about Rahul that seems to repulse her that she whose character seems to change for the day just because a stranger paid a compliment, can only react with callousness towards Rahul. What did Rahul do to make her that way? Or is there something fundamentally flawed with Priya herself? I am not sure whether you have had other postings on this character but this is the first that I am reading. I will be interested to find out what makes this girl tick and especially why she ticks off Rahul from her list.

selva ganapathy said...

Sharmila, no background story, that was just a simple thought which came in to mind, I observe some people who actually don't understand value of someone who is just around and keep looking for new... Nothing else! :-).. In fact I haven't even though of developing Rahul's character in this story.