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Disclaimer: All the Characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance of the characters to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Mythily and Arvind were so thrilled and were running around since morning to get things on place and have been busy in welcoming the guests. They haven’t even had a cup of coffee since morning despite the fact that a freshly brewed cup of authentic filter coffee would stimulate their energies even higher. It was a couple of more hours to go before Priya’s marriage with Anand. Anand is well qualified software professional. It was an arranged marriage where they got to know Anand through a close family friend. Priya was also working in a software firm. She is quite a bold, beautiful and highly confident girl. She liked to be independent and at the time of their engagement she had clearly told Anand that she would like to continue her job even after their marriage. They got engaged 8 months ago and had a good amount of time after their engagement to learn about each other. They enjoyed those moments spent together and cherished their company with each other. They both were looking forward to get married soon and start a fresh phase of togetherness!. Today it happened.

 The photo album which they had shared a couple of weeks later stated how happy the couples were that day and happier was Mythily and Arvind. Anand’s mother and father had passed away a couple of years and he had been living alone since then.  Anand owned a flat where Priya relocated after her marriage. Their work allowed them to spend time together before 7.00 in the morning and after 9.00 in the evening. They never failed to text, call and ping each other during the short breaks in between. In fact they both actually scheduled their breaks in such a way that they could spend that time in texting / by calling each other.  They were spotted in the shopping malls and the movie theatre at the weekend hanging out.  Six month later Anand had to move out of country on a company assignment but he decided against it as he was not willing to leave Priya.  Six months from their marriage they decided to have a child as their planning for the future was well set.

Madhur, their son was 3 years old now and was taken care mostly during the day by Mythily and Arvind as Anand and Priya were busy with their routine. Anand’s role in the company demanded more time from him and he had to travel as well. Priya too had to spend a lot of her time at the office as the number of projects she got in to kept on increasing. As Mythily and Arvind were around them, they really didn’t feel the pressure to take care of Madhur.  10 months down the line, one day Mythily and Arvind after sending Madhur to school were discussing over a cup of coffee. They seriously weren’t happy with the kind of improvements which had happened between Anand and Priya and wanted to talk to Priya regarding that.

That night after talking to Priya, they understood that Anand and she have already filed their divorce papers as they both felt that they are not getting compatible with each other as Anand seriously feels that Priya should quit her job and just take care of Madhur at home which was contradictory with Priya. This contradiction led to a fight where both started to complain about each other on the mistakes which happened between their togetherness. At the end Anand took a call to put an end to it by offering divorce which Priya accepted.
Morality is just a fiction used by the herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men said the German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, but Arvind couldn’t find out who is moral here and what morality is. He had to agree to Priya being a father and take the liability on him. Blame it on the society which always had made people think that daughter’s are liabilities even after they are grown up and got married. Arvind and Mythily were also feeling guilty that it was their call on getting Priya married to Anand. They also had developed a lot of affection and togetherness with Madhur and hence thought of taking Priya back along with them home. Priya wanting to be an independent woman did take up the offer of staying with her parents because she knew that brining up Madhur would be difficult for her to do it alone.

7 years later, when Priya walked out of the school after getting admitted Madhur, she just couldn’t believe her eyes. It was Karthick. He is currently teaching Physics in this school very she had admitted Madhur. They both greeted each other and Karthick offered her a cup of coffee. They both shared the same amount of liberty they had over each other while talking and commenting but never did Karthick asked about Priya’s married life or Priya asked him back. Karthick had proposed Priya to marry him but she refused to. The reasons are yet unknown both to Karthick and to Priya.  Suddenly at one point over the chat Priya did feel like asking Karthick about his marriage but refrained.  Women’s ego always wins them over their emotions.  They spent a good hour together before parting. They both knew that they’ll keep meeting now as Madhur is studying in this school.

That evening Karthick received a call from Mythily. After a brief conversation, Mythily asked him if he would be interested to marry Priya. After a pause Karthick replied a “No” and said “I still love her and that’s possibly the reason why I haven’t married, but that doesn’t mean that I should marry her. Loving a person just doesn’t mean living with the person; it is about living for the person. I am sure you may find a better match than me for Priya and please do not let Priya know that you asked me this”.

This is a short story so, I stop this here :-P

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