Friday, July 19, 2013


Few movies offer content today, let alone generating a heart-shattering impact. One can count them on fingers literally. Lootera adds to the dwindling list. A forewarning to readers, this is not a review but my opinion about the movie. Some time back, my dear friend Arun wrote a blog post titled 'True love is taken by hard work'And I promised him a fitting reply .So the long due reply is as follows. Also,had I written this earlier,I would have written about something which i didn't experience first hand. However, my thoughts on love still remain the same over the course of time.

Lootera offers so much to take back, as in the concept of love. Pakhi and Varun portray the emotions just near perfect and realize the feel of it. It doesn't tell you a reason for why Pakhi and Varun like each other. I too find that love never asks for a reason. It just happens around you, at times without your knowledge but by the time you realize it, you are so much drawn into it just like when you fall in to the roaring and ferocious rapids of the river while you raft.  As I observe and find that love is never something which is used to fill in the blank of emotional need like what Arun mentions, it’s always something which overflows. Pakhi , even after knowing Varun’s identity as someone who has come to steal the ancient sculpture, couldn't hate him.

It’s all written during the time when one spends with the other with the affection and the feel. There is no name for this phase and no expression can describe it to near perfect. For everyone else or the normal people, there are 3 phases in life. The past, the present and the future but once someone falls in love then they have only one phase. The phase of his / her memories. Some are blessed to live the phase together and some apart. Pakhi and Varun are blessed to live just with the memories. The phase after one parts from the other, is again tough to describe with words. I observe that silence plays an important role and helps one to maintain a harmony during this. The movie has fewer words spoken during this period. This period is actually magical. Sonakshi did exceptionally well as a writer who carried the feel absolutely with east. It’s tough to carry something of that within you and also to live a normal life for the outside world.

I have a lot of respect for the Tamil music director Illayaraja. He recently gave an interview to a radio in which he had beautifully explained about the concept of love. He said that “Love is not when one says that I love you, you love me and because of that we both should live together etc., It’s about I love you, you may do whatever you want, chose to live wherever you want and with whomever you want, but I still love you, isn’t that the purest form of Love?”. So true. That it is!.

This movie offers the best convoluted form of purest love with the right emotions. As I always think that however big a lake / pond may be, a smallest of a stone or even a leaf falling on it may create ripples on it. The smallest store or the leaves are always the memories of the person who you loved. They can never stay apart from the lake till it dries up completely. These ripples haunt sometimes, make you smile on them sometime and may even wet up your cheeks sometimes but those are always unavoidable when you had experienced love.

And finally, there is nothing called as true love, there is only love which is always true, if not then it’s not love. Thank you Vikramaditya Motwane, Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh for making us relate to Pakhi and Varun so closely!.  Now, I am waiting to read The Last Leaf by O. Henry!

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